Sunday 4 December 2022

So what's happening today?

 Both Betty and I had another very good night.....Betty woke up and changed positions a few times (she always does a little sort of grumbling sound when she moves to a different spot or changes position on the bed, which always wakes me up as I'm a very light sleeper).  Unlike how it normally is though, I went back to sleep fairly quickly afterwards - Betty of course falls back to sleep instantly.  I put it down to the CBD - for the past 3 nights both of us have had a dose of it.....a small one for Betty.  I used to take CBD regularly for joint pain and insomnia, it worked quite well for a time but eventually got to the stage where it wasn't working so well.....apparently this is quite common, your body gets used to the dosage, just like it does with prescription painkillers, eg,  and it means you need to up the dose.  All very well, but it's expensive stuff and comes in very small bottles, so I wasn't really prepared to keep it up, it would cost too much.  Having had a break from it of several months though, it seems to be working well again, so I'll keep using it again (just me, Betty won't be needing it every night now) for as long as I can.  Hopefully, it'll help with my hip pain as well as helping me sleep.

So today we're off to the town for the monthly artisan craft market, with apparently more Christmas-themed stalls, being December.  It'd be nice if we get to see Marlene (Poppy Patchwork) there.  We'll be getting there around 10-10.30 if you're reading this, Marlene, we park in Angel Place.  Then when we get home, I'll be dressing the Christmas tree and the hall windowsill.....husband keeps muttering under his breath about it, but it just washes over me, he can be a Grinch as much as he likes and I'll do what I want to do.  It'll brighten things up, the weather has been so dull and dreary lately.  But doesn't it make the rooms look bare when the decorations get taken down and put away after Christmas?!

Busy week this week, what with husband's 2 appointments for tests, one for his heart and the other for his bladder on Tuesday, both on the same day and in different places, but at least they're both in Taunton and hopefully we should, if everything goes to plan, be able to get to both without too much trouble.  Fingers crossed!  And then his angiogram on Friday.  And I'll need to do a bit of shopping Weds or Thurs, to ensure we've got enough supplies to keep us going whilst he can't drive the following week.  I must ring the Age UK lady to see if she can come perhaps next week to help me with the AA form - I shall start filling it in this week - well, the easy bits that I can do myself.  I've been putting it off a bit, because it is so daunting.....form filling nowadays does my head in.


  1. I'm so glad things are a bit better. A good night's sleep is a wonderful thing that is too easy to take for granted.
    Have a great time at the craft market. xx

  2. Everything looks brighter after a good night's sleep. I'm thinking I'll put our tree up next week sometime. I feel I need a few little lights to cheer up the gloom! I hope all goes well for your husband's medical appointments. A good idea to fill in the form in small stages. A bit like doing an exam - do the easy questions first. lol! xx

  3. I suppose planning ahead in meals and shelf stable things like milk, canned fruit and veg, pulses, tuna etc. would really help while he's unable to drive. I'm luck bro have so much family close by that if we were without transportation, we'd have back up. Maybe your neighbor would let you tag along in her shops? I'm glad you and Betty both are getting rest.

  4. A good nights sleep makes everything seem better doesn't it.

    I actually love the sparseness of the room after the decorations come down, but for the moment I will love all the tinselly sparkle ... and enjoy not being able to dust!!

  5. The healing properties of a good night's sleep are something that is often under rated. I hope you had a lovely day at the craft market and got to meet up with Poppy Patchwork.

    God bless.


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