Sunday, 4 December 2022

Tree done

 So much for there being lots of extra stalls with Christmassy things on them at the artisan craft fair......the whole thing was actually smaller than it was when we last went back in the summer.  Still, I did manage to get a couple of nice handmade things for gifts.  Didn't see Marlene at all, which was a pity - never mind, I'm sure we'll get to meet up sometime.  I also got a calendar from the card shop (another doggy one, similar to this year's one) and did a necessary little bit of shopping whilst we were out.  Actually, I'm quite glad the craft fair was small, coz it was blimmin cold!

Betty's always so pleased to see us when we come back home, even if we've only been out a short while.  She always does the same thing - comes running to the front door with her whole body wagging, then immediately shoves her whole head (if she can get it in) into any bags I'm carrying - looking for food, although husband says she's checking for drugs! 😂😂  She knows she always gets a treat when we get in, so she follows me (actually, she herds me, like a sheepdog, nudging my legs from behind) into the kitchen where she knows the treats are kept.  I know I've said this a zillion times, but she really does make me laugh every day.

I decorated the tree, I'm pleased with it, it's quite minimalist......just baubles and a handful of extra hanging decorations that I had from last year.  It's pre-lit so I didn't have to spend ages twisting the lights round like last year.  My little collection of Christmas gonks standing at the bottom.  The side window has a white twiggy pre-lit little tree, to which I've added some silver and gold tiny baubles.  My pair of Nutcracker soldiers, a penguin and a tobogganing polar bear stand alongside.  And that's it for Christmas decorations this year.  My Aunt Sylvia would be turning in her grave, it's far too unshowy for her taste, every available surface would be decorated with something in her house 😁  Bless her.

December is my least favourite month, for many reasons.  I'm not dwelling on the anniversaries of 3 deaths during this Mum, my lovely friend Toni and my beloved Nanna.....but they are on my mind, obviously, although I'm not feeling as sad about it this year.  Everything is just so frantic and busy during December - and that's without the added stress this week of husband's hospital appointments.  I just don't like all the crowds everywhere we go, and adverts in your face (or your ears) trying to get you to spend loads of money - who's got loads to spend in the current economic climate?  Winter is definitely not my favourite season either, I hate the cold, rain, wind, ice, snow and short days.  I'm just glad that from the 22nd onwards, daylight hours will slowly start getting longer.  It's still a long time till Spring though.


  1. I'm as minimal as it goes this year as well. I miss my two kids far away and was overwhelmed with extended family the week of Thanksgiving in the US, so already feeling drained thinking about being in large groups multiple days. Pets are a joy. I'd like to just spend my days with the dogs.

  2. Your tree sounds lovely. I've not put ours up yet. Can't seem to get in the spirit, although my cards are written and those that need posting, I'll do tomorrow. There was talk of them not being delivered in time if they're not posted by the 14th, due to the postal strikes. Like you, I'm waiting for the days to start lengthening, although winter does seem to go on forever! xx

  3. I just go for simple and twinkly each year and try to vary things slightly. Which is actually quite easy to do as I nearly always give away my least favourite Christmas ornaments every year.

  4. I think less is more is good at Christmas and best to keep the sentimental stuff out. I do like twinkly and am adding more of those clever little battery fairy lights around.

  5. I still need to do a bit of decorating upstairs, but the tree is up downstairs and that might have to be good enough.

    Your decorating sounds just lovely.

    God bless.


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