Wednesday 28 December 2022


 26th/27th/28th - Well, on Day 12 of the lurgy, I can finally say I'm now beginning to feel better, during the day at least, other than the hacking cough still, but at least it's not making my head explode each time now.  However, come the evenings I do still feel rough.  I think husband probably caught this bug during his day in hospital, and then passed it on to me a few days later.  As I said though, oddly enough his version of it was milder and shorter lived than mine.....just as well, I suppose, as it could have had more serious consequences for him.  It's certainly the most unwell I've felt for many a year - though why it should have made me quite so ill I don't know, I can only assume it's because I've been very rundown for a while.  Oh and I have less contact with people (neighbours mostly) than husband does, he's always nipping outside for a chat with neighbours and talks to anybody and everybody when we're out and about, he's very sociable.  Whereas I'm not - I more or less gave up years ago trying to get a word in edgeways when he's chatting to anyone, as he totally dominates the conversation.  So perhaps my immune system has suffered from not being exposed to bugs etc, whereas his hasn't so much.

Normally, when I'm unwell for whatever reason, I don't let it stop me getting on with housework, washing, cooking, washing up etc - well, someone's got to do it!  However, this time, and partly because I really did feel very ill indeed, I didn't carry on as normal - I mostly stayed upstairs in my bedroom, in bed or my recliner chair.  Part of it was me thinking 'sod it, I'm buggered if I'm dragging myself downstairs to get food for him - if he's hungry he can bloody well get it himself!'.  His appetite didn't drop whilst he was unwell - I think he'd have to be dying before he lost his appetite!  Whereas mine did - a few meals I skipped altogether, meals I did eat were very small.  So if husband wanted to eat, he had to make the effort to get something himself, he did ask me if I wanted anything and got food for me if or when I wanted it.  He also fed the dog.  I also asked him to keep me supplied with hot honey and lemon, which he did.  No clothes washing got done for several days - he doesn't know how to programme the machine and there's no point in me showing him....I have done so several times but he forgets instantly, so I would have to show him again every single time.  No point in writing it down either, because of his dyslexia.  Halfway through my illness I did put a wash on, asking him to get it out of the machine when it was finished and put it on the airer.....he forgot until the next day.  A couple of times I came downstairs to find the washing up bowl and worktops full of dirty dishes, but I just ignored it all and he did it (when he was running out of clean plates and mugs, I expect).  So I think that me downing tools and doing nothing for several days did show him and make him realise just how much I do for him, which can only be a good thing.

I've been thinking about a focus for next year - the last 2 years it's been our beloved caravan (which incidentally I'm trying not to think about too much, I don't want to fill my head with worries about possible burst pipes or leaks, although I think the site owner keeps a general eye on things and would no doubt let us know if there was a serious problem).  We haven't yet heard if our housing application has been approved (the website still says awaiting approval, they're behind by about 4-6 weeks apparently), but I'm going to assume that we will get approval.  Of course, even if we are accepted onto the list, there's no telling when we'll be able to find a suitable property, put in a bid for it, get accepted and move - according to the Council website, it can take up to 5 years to be offered a bungalow, which is the type of property we want.  But as far as I'm concerned, the longer the wait, the more time we will have to save up for removal costs.  So my focus is going to be downsizing and clearing out clutter, and serious saving towards this end I've opened up another savings account, purely for removal savings.  Any surplus stuff (such as furniture, electrical goods, etc) which is saleable, we'll sell via the local social media selling pages and the money will go into the savings account.  Husband will no doubt do a car boot sale when they start up again next year, he can sell his surplus tools and things he's recently acquired from neighbours, such as a couple of unwanted lawnmowers (he said he was going to stop taking in yet more junk from neighbours!  So much for promises....).  And if husband does get the Attendance Allowance, it'll be backdated which means a lump sum initially, that will go straight into the account, along with any other money I can transfer over regularly.

We're invited to neighbours this Friday for nibbles and chat - postponed from last Friday as I was so unwell.  Let's hope I'm well enough this time!  I shall pack away the tree and the few other decorations this weekend.....I would have done it already if I was feeling at full strength, I'm not keen on the decorations hanging around after Boxing Day, none of this 12th night stuff for me.  It's very nearly 2023 and I'm looking forward to it, I feel quite positive about the upcoming year, for a change.

I hope you've all recovered from your Christmases, and those of you who are unwell are beginning to feel better.  Back in a few days x


  1. I read out your first couple of sentences to my coughing husband, and he wasn't impressed! I think he was hoping his lurgy would be over tomorrow. Your savings idea is a good one. When (not if!) you get to move, it'll take some of the strain away knowing you can afford to move. Like you, I normally take down the Christmas decorations on Boxing day or shortly afterwards, but this year I can't seem to get the enthusiasm. I hate to start the New Year with decorations hanging about, though, so will have to stir myself. Maybe this afternoon... xx

  2. So glad to hear you are feeling much better, the rest would have helped. I too am stuck with the cough, but I don't think I have been as bad as you.

  3. I was just looking at some of the decorations this morning and thinking that they are looking past their best, so I might start thinning things out a little bit tomorrow but keep all the fairy lights and favourite things out. Today I am concentrating on finding homes for my Christmas presents.

  4. I want our stuff down by Saturday. I've got lists and lists that need completing and it feels like December was a big pause. I'm glad your finally getting over the crud.

  5. I'm so glad you are feeling so much better - you really have had a right doing of it.
    I'm afraid I am a twelfth Night kind of girl myself, I hate the thought to taking down the glitter and sparkle that brightens up the inside of my house.
    Your plans for 2023 sound great.

  6. I took the easy way out this year and didn't put anything up to take down. Glad you are getting over what sounds like a death grip.


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