Thursday 8 October 2020

It's stupid o clock again...

Been awake since just before 2 am, so gave up lying there waiting for sleep and came downstairs.  I have a lot on my mind so I know it's that, and the ever present hip pain, which is keeping me awake.  I'm trying not to think too much about the things that are worrying me...I do have a tendency to over think things and drive myself nuts.  I'm coping with stuff by taking control of the things that I can, and trying to just let go of stuff that I can't control and put it out of my mind.  Sounds easy on paper!  I'm getting there though.

Husband's daughter and SiL offered to come down and stay with us for a few days when husband goes into hospital for his foot operation, they said they'll take him and bring him home after.  Very nice of them, and pre-covid I would have said yes please and thank you.  But they both work in customer-based jobs and thus come into contact with lots of people, and live up in the Midlands in an area that has a much higher infection rate than here.  So that puts me off.  Plus right now I just see it as meaning a lot of extra work and stress for me, having to prepare for, feed, look after and clean up after extra people.  I'd rather not.  In any case, neighbours have already volunteered to take/collect husband, and I don't have to clean and prep a room, feed and entertain them and wash all their bedding afterwards!

In any case, it's likely that around the time of husband's op, I'll be self isolating in preparation for my own op, so having visitors staying here wouldn't be allowed anyway.

And that throws up another problem....walking Betty.  Technically, we shouldn't go out at all when self isolating, but she's got to be walked!  We've decided that we'll just have to take her only in the field behind us, at times when we know there'll be no other neighbours around walking their dogs - we can see the field from our home anyway, so can see when it's empty.  Husband obviously can't walk her when he's on crutches so it'll be my job, but if I can't because my hip is really bad, or if I'm recuperating from my own op, then another (dog owning) neighbour has offered to do it.

Other than that, I'm trying not to stress too much and just address problems as they arise, rather than my usual tactics of thinking up all possible eventualities.

I've started a new crochet project, a gift for a friend, it's lovely yarn and a nice pattern and I'm really enjoying doing it, so that gives me a nice bit of relaxation.

Think I'm tired enough to go back to bed now.


  1. As you say, easier said than done but definitely worth making an effort as there are so many things that one cannot change or effect right now. I do hope you have been able to get back to sleep amd wake refreshed.

  2. Oh, Sooze. I know that feeling of everything whirling round in your mind and not being able to sleep. It's easy to tell yourself not to worry about what might be, not so easy to do. I hope you manage to get some sleep. Hugs. xxx

  3. We carried on walking Ruby all through lockdown despite hubby shielding due to age. We live in a village and have plenty of places to walk. Anyone we did see in the distance always moved away, even in the woods. Most days hardly saw anyone and it stopped us getting too down. We did chat with people on occasion usually from 3 or 4 metres away.

  4. No wonder you can't sleep, you must have so much rushing through your mind. I do think having guests however well-meaning they are, is more work than it is worth, and as you point out a bit risky.

    My cousins husband has Covid-19 and is currently self-isolating, luckily she's tested negative, but they have been told that dog walking is to be avoided. As they obviously live in the same house he is confined to the bedroom and she is allowed to use the rest of the house when she's not at work. As she is a carer by profession and only just completed a year of cancer treatments after a mastectomy she has to be exceptionally careful. There is just so much to consider isn't there!

  5. I am not surprised you can't sleep, you have so much to think about. We have a toy and throw it in the garden for our dog to fetch on the odd day we are unable to take him for a walk. Take care.

  6. During the first wave everyone simply crossed the road if anyone was walking towards them. It became quite a sociable thing to do as people wondered who would do the crossing. I hope you manage some sleep Sooze. It's awful to lie awake in pain. Please consider having the hip op. Even after what I went through I wouldn't hesitate if my other hip needed to be replaced. The agony only gets worse the longer you leave it. I know this from experience

  7. Remember your water intake is important for all your health.

  8. The ops will be over and then you will be bored and looking for something to do, in short order. :)


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