Tuesday, 6 October 2020

Head's in a whirl

Isn't it funny how each hospital differs?  Here I am waiting for a date for my bladder op....appointment letter for my pre-op (to be done over the phone!) says they can't give me an operation date until the pre-op nurse has signed me off as fit.  But yesterday husband was given a date for his foot operation, BEFORE they'd even given him a pre-op appointment!  And his pre-op assessment will be done in person at the hospital, not over the phone like mine.  But our ops are being done at different hospitals, so presumably they each have their own systems.

Husband's foot op is a bit complicated, but he's basically having his tendons broken and reset...he'll be in plaster and on crutches for a month and unable to drive for 6 weeks from the date of the op, 31st October, so that's about the middle of December.  And he's got to self isolate (and thus so have I) for 2 weeks prior to the op.  So yesterday was a flurry of cancelling and/or rearranging various appointments we had booked (car MOT, my chiropodist, Betty's grooming, hospital appointment for husband for a different matter).

It also means we can't go anywhere for 8 weeks - 2 weeks in isolation prior to op then 6 weeks after whilst he can't drive.  Shopping won't be a problem, we'll have it delivered.  And today I'll go through the larder and freezers and write a list of things to stock up on and get those bought before our self isolation starts on the 17th.

The difficulty arises when I get my op date, and another hospital appointment I'm waiting that our hospitals are recommencing all the things that were postponed during lockdown, everything's coming at once, and it's all a bit awkward trying to fit it in and arrange everything.  Luckily we have friends and neighbours we can call on to help us out.


  1. I know what you mean. Everything comes at once. I hope your husband's op goes smoothly, and yours too, when it eventually happens! Stock up, snuggle down and hopefully it'll all pass quickly. xxx

  2. You wait for months and then everything happens at once! Like selling a house! Hope all goes smoothly for you both

  3. it's a catch 22 situation, and oh so typical. Hope the dates all work out and you both regain some fitness.

  4. I find that this covid thing is so confusing I'm almost giving up on it all. You are both having to self isolate for 2 weeks before your ops but my daughter who went private last week to get her tonsils out didn't.
    It seems that every time I listen to the radio or watch tv there are conflicting instructions.
    I do hope thought that both of you get your ops on time and all goes well.

  5. Gosh how confusing for you. All the planning this is going to call for would have me tearing my hair out. I hope everything goes smoothly once you are into the process.

  6. Nightmare. Possibly happening here soon.

  7. As usual these things turn into a drop everything situation, just as well we are adaptable!! Good luck and fingers crossed for it all to work out as planned and the appointments kept by the Hospitals!xx

  8. Hope everything goes well for you. It's times like these when we're so grateful for our friends.


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