Sunday, 18 October 2020

I'll let you into a secret...

 ...only it won't be a secret now, of course!  Recently, we'd given serious consideration to moving to Devon, and actually went to view a property there (it was the day we got held in stationary traffic on the M5 for several hours, as a result of a fatality on the motorway).  This is how it came about.

Much as we love living here, and we really do, we know it won't be possible to live here forever, for lots of practical reasons.  To cut a long story short, we'd had a lot of discussion about where we'd like to live, and what would be the best option for us for the future, bearing in mind we're not in a position to buy a place.  We have friends who live in a park home on a retirement park on the east coast...they love it, both the house (it's one of those so-called 'mobile' homes, double wide, which looks just like a modern bungalow), and the active social life on a lovely park full of like-minded friendly people, and close to a town.  That really appealed to us, both the lifestyle and living in a small friendly secure community.  Most of those park homes are owner occupied, I had no idea whether any have rentals, although I thought some might.  After extensive internet research I found a few, and sent off some emails.  Several replies said either they don't have any vacancies or they don't allow dogs (so no good!).

Then I had a reply from one park in North Somerset, who said that whilst they didn't have a vacancy on that park, they did have one at their sister park in mid Devon. wasn't one of their park home bungalows, but a two-storey cottage on the site, their suggestion was that we might like to consider renting the cottage until such time as one of their rental homes (they have several there) became available.  They'd apparently just totally refurbished the cottage following the departure of the previous residents (they'd moved out, not died!).

We love living here in Somerset, always have done - from the minute we moved down here 10 years ago I felt like I'd come home....I hadn't lived here before but it just felt so right.  So we hadn't really considered moving to another county...but the proposition was so intriguing we just had to go and have a look.

The cottage was gorgeous, built originally in the mid 1800s but extended and remodelled over the years, from once being a 2 up, 2 down it's now a large 4 bedroomed house, with lovely refitted kitchen and bathrooms, big range cooker, wood burning stove in a large stone fireplace in the huge lounge, master bedroom suite with big dressing room and an en suite shower room that's bigger than our bathroom.  Good size manageable tidy garden with a large patio and shed.  Separate garage too.  It was really lovely, but too big for us, and the rent was more than we could afford...although they said they were open to negotiation (we'd have had to negotiate quite hard though to get the rent down to an affordable level!).   

After a lot of discussion back at home, we decided it wasn't for us.  Whilst we do like that area of Devon - well, all Devon in fact - we don't really want to move out of Somerset, we have made so many good friends here for a start, and moving to Devon would make for a much longer journey to visit our close and extended family up in the Midlands.  Long drives wear husband out nowadays, he really doesn't like it anymore.  So we had to decline.  Pity, as the park was lovely as well as the cottage, and we got the impression that the park manager (who was a really nice man) was quite keen for us to move there, he said we were exactly the type of residents they like and was sure we'd fit in really well.  When I got back in touch to say we wouldn't be moving there, he said please ring him if we ever change our minds.  Nice of him.

So we shall continue to look, but only in Somerset.

(I have no idea why the font has changed and I can't seem to change it back, sorry about that!).


  1. How exciting for you. I do hope you find somewhere you like. I'm sure there are plenty of places in Somerset or maybe just over the border. At least you'll have fun looking on 'tinterweb, whilst you self-isolate! xx

  2. That may have come to nothing but it has opened up the whole field and given you both ideas about possibilities which is fantastic. That manager sounds a very nice chap and I hope it all goes well for him.
    How exciting, eh?

  3. You made that cottage sound wonderful. We get itchy feet now and then but love where we live so it would have to be somewhere really special to drag us away from here

  4. Wowee! Such excitement and such angst. You know better than anyone what is best for you . Take care, take your time and just the right place will show itself to you. You will be taken care of , in other words. I am happy for you whatever you do, please keep us in the loop. It is good reading others endeavors.

  5. Keep up your internet search, not only will it make use of lockdown but I'm sure you'll find exactly what you want in the end. It took us 18 months to find our new home but we did eventually. We had a list of requirements (suitable for our aging selves, close to the sea, local hospital, doctors and other facilities etc) and eventually we found and exceeded our needs. Good luck in your search.

  6. That sounds like a nice little adventure, and the sort of thing that make me and Alan change our lives on a whim. But with you not driving I do think you need to keep a sensible head on with where ever you decide to move to in the future. All the same it's good to check out new possibilities isn't it :-)


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