Saturday, 10 October 2020


Yesterday morning I had a text confirming the date and time of my appointment for the 24 hour heart trace I'd rearranged for December...but they'd already texted the confirmation the day before.  A minute or so later, I had a 3rd text, giving the same date...but a time of 2 hours earlier!  So I don't know whether they've changed the time, or I have 2 appointments (can't think why), or it's simply a mistake.  I'll ring and ask nearer the time.

A couple of hours later I got another text....confirming my appointment for this coming Monday at the surgery....oddly, the time given was 'between 9.00 pm and 10 pm'!  Even odder, I hadn't even requested an appointment.  I rang to query it...after much tapping of keyboard and whispered voices in the background, the receptionist said 'erm just ignore it, it's a mistake'.  Well, clearly.  They don't do hour long appointments, and certainly not at night 😂.  I think the virus is scrambling everyone's brains.

It's just after 03.00 and I can't sleep again, brain is on overdrive and my anxiety palpitations are back.  Having come off my anti-anxiety meds about a month ago, I didn't really want to start taking them again, but looks like I might have to.  Right now I'm going to have some warm milk, snuggle up with my dog on the sofa and read a book.  A cuddle with an actual human friend would be nice (husband is upstairs snoring), but Betty will have to do! (No hardship).


  1. Like you say, I think the virus has got everyone confused. My hubby had to have a blood test yesterday. He'd just left when the phone rang - they couldn't do the test as they didn't have the right vial. Then a few minutes after he'd got home, the phone rang again. Yes, sorry, they could do the test. Fortunately, the surgery is only round the corner. Have you tried some slow, deep breathing to help relax you? A cuddle with Betty sounds good, and I'm sure she won't mind. xx

  2. The hardest part of the flippin virus is not being able to hug our loved ones. I am a real hugger so it's hit me hard. I wish I could offer some advice to alleviate your anxiety but all I can suggest is some nice relaxing music... not songs... a scented candle and a hot chocolate.

  3. It might be worth considering it again, if just for the next few months as you have such a lot on your plate. It did help before, didn't it?

  4. I’ve just been catching up with your posts, Sooze and I’m not surprised your head is all over the place with all the appointments, errors etc! With regards to your hip, just to say that my mum has arthritis in most of her joints and she has an injection in her hip area which lasts about 6 months. It really does help her. Hope you managed to lessen your anxiety a little, it’s a horrible thing, but cuddles with Betty will no doubt help xx

  5. I'm having to try to take myself out of the whole zone of stuff that is going on. I find that doing jigsaws is wonderful for getting away from it all. You have to concentrate and everything else goes out of your brain, give it a try Sooze.

  6. Oh bloody hell, the last thing you need at the moment is all this confusion. A cuddle with Betty sounds like the best option for sure.

  7. This virus has a lot to answer for. Hope the arm milk and a snuggle with Betty helped.

  8. hello Sooze, hope you sleep through soon. It's the pits when you can't. Not going to preach stuff at you but if you'd like some ideaa of the things I do when I feel the same then please ask - likewise what's your top tips besides doggy cuddles?


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