Saturday, 17 October 2020

We've had better days

It wasn't a good day yesterday, for either of us.  We went to town in the morning, had a list of a few things we needed to get - we don't go to town very often, and that'll be the last time for at least 8 weeks now.  In Wilkos (which frustratingly didn't have a couple of things I wanted, as they're clearing shelves making way for Christmas stuff), a man literally bumped into me - so much for social distancing.  He did have a mask on, thankfully.  I noticed several people whose masks were pulled down not covering their noses - none of us like wearing them do we, but what's the point of wearing one if you're not going to wear it correctly?  And there were several discarded masks littering the car park - ugh, disgusting, what is the matter with people?!  Forcing somebody else to have to pick up and dispose of your potentially hazardous used mask is even worse than general littering.  So I didn't manage to get everything I needed in Wilko, and completely forgot to go in another shop to get the lavender pillow spray I like that I've run out of.  Hey ho.

In the afternoon husband went off to do a job for a friend and overdid things (I'm always telling him not to, but does he take any notice?).  He felt dizzy and had to sit down a couple of times, a combination of heart not pumping efficiently and low BP caused by bending over a lot...he's on meds to keep his BP down anyway, because of his heart failure.  When he got home he didn't feel (or look) very well, so sat down and promptly went to sleep, he looked better when he woke up.  However, in the kitchen later he dropped a large glass storage jar full of flour - smashed glass and flour all over the kitchen floor.  His hands were shaking from the work he'd been doing earlier, so he had no grip.  Never mind, fortunately he didn't cut himself and I had a couple of spare bags of flour, having stocked up.

Something I was really hoping to do yesterday didn't happen, and now there won't be another chance for weeks, if at all, which upset me a bit.  

My hip was sheer agony yesterday afternoon, hurt to stand or sit, I just couldn't get comfortable in any position.  My TENS machine did nothing for the pain, nor did my hot wheat bag or deep freeze spray.  In the end I had to resort to taking codeine twice, which means I'll be constipated for a couple of days...hence why I rarely take them.

C'est la vie!  Tomorrow (today) is another day (to quote Scarlett).


  1. Recently started reading your blog, thanks for sharing the events in your life. I too have to resort to pain meds including much co-codamol to combat the ravages of time and I've found dried fruit helpful in counteracting its constipating effects. Lidl's ready to eat prunes, dates, figs and apricots are all delicious and effective. I just adjust the amount to match how many tablets I take.

  2. What a horrible day for you both. I hope you're both feeling a bit better today. I think a bit of pampering and relaxing is called for.
    I agree about the masks. Why bother to put them on and not do it properly? Beats me. And as for just throwing them on the ground - aaaaargh! Take care, Sooze. xxx

  3. I enjoyed reading several of your blog posts this morning to catch up on what's happening with you but was sorry about you both having a not so good day. This getting older lark can be brutal. Wishing you brighter days ahead.💖

  4. Not the best day in the world for either of you, what a shame. I hope things are picking up as you go into isolation now. And I totally agree about mask wearing - surely they realise!

  5. Pure orange juice is good for constipation. With your breakfast.

  6. Oh Sooze, you really didn't have a good day at all. Please take care of that hip and don't wait until you are in agony before taking the tablets. I've noticed that the cold weather is causing my hip problems. Old age is galloping towards me far too quickly.

  7. I use psyllium husk when I take certain medicines that constipate me. I stir it into food, such as smoothies, or yoghurt or juice. Works gently but well. Can buy it on the internet.

  8. I bet it was caused by the tension of the upcoming home stay and all the other things that are causing worry along with the husbands episode.


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