Sunday, 11 October 2020

Nice day

Yesterday I had yet another text from the surgery, confirming my (non existent) late night appointment for tomorrow, that I hadn't even asked for and they told me was a mistake when I rang to query it the day before 😒.  I shan't bother ringing them again, if they sit there waiting for me to appear late tomorrow night then that's their lookout 😂.  (They won't, obviously, they don't do late night appointments).

Had a brief visit to my lovely best friend and spouse's most likely the last time we'll see them now until mid December, seeing as husband will be incapacitated for weeks 😕

I went to bed very late last night...well, early hours of this morning actually, and slept like a log.  Perhaps that's the secret to me sleeping better - go to bed later.  A lot later.  Didn't wake up until 07.22, which is a massive lie in for me!

It's been a lovely day, bit cloudy at times but nice warm sunshine in between, we sat outside in our friends' garden.

Got a busy week, husband has his pre-op assessment on Tuesday, when he will be told how long he (and thus me as well) has to self isolate for prior to his op, if it's the full 14 days then we're in quarantine from this coming Saturday.  Which means I have to make sure we have everything we need beforehand...I think we probably have.  The garden needs tidying up for winter, the lawn needs a final cut, pots of summer flowers need emptying and replanting with spring bulbs.  Weather is forecast to be good from Wednesday onwards, thankfully.


  1. Glad you managed a good sleep. You sound better for it. If you do have to self-isolate for a fortnight, I hope it goes quickly for you and hubby's op can go ahead. We're waiting to see what new restrictions we're in for, tomorrow. The numbers aren't good here. xx

  2. A good night's sleep is such a blessing, isn't it? And your surgery needs to get its act together!
    I hope Tuesday goes well.

  3. Thrilled you slept better, it always helps to make you feel better. Hope Tuesday goes well.

  4. A good nights sleep make the world of difference doesn't it.

  5. We had some lovely weather at the weekend but it's rained just about non stop ever since. I hope everything's gone well today and that you can start planning now that you've got some further information.


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