Saturday, 31 October 2020

Husband's op and dog walking

What a horrible day, peeing down and galeforce winds.

I've recovered well from the flu...just as well seeing as husband will now be incapacitated for at least a fortnight.  He was collected by a neighbour and went off at 7 am this morning to the hospital for his op.  He's going to ring me once he's seen the consultant and knows what time he'll be having the op.  It's a complicated op by the sound of things....I don't know all the details seeing as he had his previous consultations on his own, I wasn't allowed to go with him because of the Covid restrictions.  And he never remembers what's said to him, or thinks to ask any questions, so the details I have are sketchy.  As far as I know, he's having 3 tendons broken and reset, something else done to a 4th tendon, and something done to a bone in his foot - he didn't know what.  He'll be in plaster for a fortnight initially and has to keep off the foot entirely (I'm assuming he'll have to move around a bit on crutches and try to keep a bit active, to reduce the risk of a blood clot).  Then he has to go see the consultant again, for the plaster to be taken off and the foot examined....he doesn't know what happens after that, although he says regular physio for a few weeks was mentioned.

How that's going to pan out/work with the upcoming full lockdown I don't know....

I didn't sleep well last night, although husband said he slept reasonably well, strangely.  And my guts are really being irritable today (no surprise there).  Although I do feel much better, I still get horribly tired come the afternoon, after doing a few jobs in the morning, so afternoons are spent lying on the bed reading.

Weighed myself yesterday for the first time in about 3 weeks - I had no idea whether I'd have lost or gained...although I didn't eat a lot during the first week I was ill, what I did eat was very carb-heavy.  Husband does his best with providing meals but he's not exactly a cook, so healthy eating went out of the window and it was mainly things on toast or something with chips or wedges, other than a couple of my pre-made frozen healthy meals.  I was quite surprised to find I'd maintained - my weight is exactly the same as it was 3 weeks ago.  I'm not doing anything healthy for myself tonight, it will probably be fish and chips out of the freezer, not sure if husband will want depends how he feels when he gets home I suppose, assuming he does come home today.  I guess the fact that I will have to be more active for the next few weeks, taking Betty out for a walk twice daily (it's normally husband who does the dog walking) will help to keep my weight stable, regardless of what I eat.  Although I don't do fast or long walks, due to my arthritic hip.

On the subject of dog walking....John of Going Gently had a spiteful comment on his blog the other day regarding him taking his dogs out.  He's a nurse for goodness sake, he knows and understands the rules and knows how to do things safely!  And it's the same here - we have a very big field literally just behind our house, I will be taking Betty in that field, at times when no other neighbours are there (we can see the field from our house, so can see when it's empty), exactly what husband has been doing for his 2 weeks of isolation.  How do people think dogs are going to cope in a lockdown?  They need walking, not only to do their business, but also because they NEED exercise and stimulation - not all of us have giant gardens (or any garden!).  Honestly, why can't people just mind their own business?


  1. Is that your field in the above picture? It looks ideal for dog walking.

    1. No Ilona, that field (in front of our house) is owned by a different farmer who doesn't allow dog walking in it, as he frequently has cows or sheep there. Our landlord owns the back field (only animal feed crops in there) and doesn't mind where we walk, so long as we are responsible about closing gates etc.

  2. We walked our dog through quarantine too. He's large and nervous and won't go out with anyone but us even if we had had friends strong enough to handle him, which we didn't. I cannot see the risk when you stay well away from everyone; we even gloved up to open wooden gates to make sure we left no trace. People who make these kinds of comments obviously have never had dogs. I hope your husband is safely back with you and recovers well and that you don't wear yourself out looking after him and the dog.

  3. Wishing your husband well and home and hopping about very soon

  4. As long as you walk Betty safely (which you do) I can't see any reason why not. During the first lockdown, we were all allowed out for exercise, so I'm sure it'll be the same this time. Glad you're feeling better. I hope Hubby's op has gone well, and that he's home and recovering. xxx

  5. Hoping it all went smoothly and well. xx
    And brilliant about the weigh maintain - good for you!

  6. Hope everything goes smoothly and that you can cope over the next few weeks as hubby heals.

    Dog walkers are usually very sensible people, I was so annoyed by the comment that the anonymous person left for John. As if he would take chances with safety.


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