Saturday, 3 October 2020

Recommendations please? And...really?!

I've had my food processor a long time and it's not very efficient nowadays, it's a bit temperamental and the blades aren't very sharp anymore.  I mainly use it now for chopping up vegetables and grinding oats for oat flour, which it doesn't do very well lately - not fine enough, with large bits of oats still in evidence.  So I need something new and efficient - not necessarily a food processor, could be a simple grinder.  Do any of you have any recommendations?  Oh and I don't want to pay 100s, can't afford it.  Thanks in advance.

Yesterday I had an email purporting to be from HMRC, it was a fixed penalty notice for an offence of driving on a road for which there is a charge, without paying, it gave a date and time.  It asked me to pay a fine of £12.24 (bit of an arbitrary amount!), doubling and then quadrupling if I didn't pay within 14 or 28 days...I was supposed to click a link and pay by card, I didn't of course.  It was clearly a scam - it didn't have my name on it (I don't drive anyway!), didn't give our (husband's) car registration or the location of the 'offence'.  The email also had grammatical and typing errors.  Out of curiosity, I checked our calendar for the date given - it was a Saturday and we hadn't gone anywhere.  We've not driven on a road that carries a charge for I don't know how long, in any case.  Just how gullible do these scammers think we are?!  Well, I suppose some people might be taken in by it...personally, I think I can spot a scam email a mile off.

So much for breaking my run of sleepless nights....I was up again for 2 hours during the night, although did go back to bed and managed to get about an hour's sleep afterwards.  Might have to have a snooze this afternoon.  It's my hip that's keeping me awake, I will have to go back to the GP eventually, but not just yet.  I have a minor op coming up, my pre-op assessment is on the 21st so the op will be not long after that, I assume.  I'm also waiting on another hospital appointment for an unrelated matter.  Husband currently has 3 ongoing medical and hospital appointments.  Now that hospitals are starting seeing people again for non-Covid stuff, it's all coming at once, so I don't want to muddy the waters by introducing yet another problem, so I'll just have to put up with the pain for a bit longer.  When I last saw the GP about my hip, a year or so ago, she said a hip replacement is a last resort and if I could lose a bit of weight it might help ease the pain (it hasn't), and to see if I could manage with painkillers.  Paracetamol do very little to ease the pain now, I do take codeine occasionally if it's really bad.  I can't take anti-inflammatories as I have an adverse reaction to them.  Still, it's only pain, it could be worse!

We're in the grip of Storm Alex at the mo, lashing rain and howling winds during the night and set to continue until tomorrow morning, definitely a day for staying indoors.  Husband stays dry wearing full waterproofs and wellies when he's dog walking, and Betty wears her waterproof coat, albeit reluctantly.  It's so gloomy and dark, we've still got lights on.  I wouldn't be at all surprised if we had a power cut, and our internet is being temperamental.  Stay safe everyone.


  1. Somebody I know bought the 1.7l KitchenAid processor during last year's 'Black Friday' and she's really happy with it, everything stores in the bowl so no loose bits floating about you don't know where to put them.

  2. Hi Sooze. I bought the Kenwood FP691 food processor last year. It's great. It has a lot of attachments including a grinding mill, which I use to grind oats. Have just Googled and ebay has them for £79.35. We keep getting phone calls, purporting to be from our internet provider, saying our internet connection will be cut off. That's as far as I let them get before putting the phone down and blocking the number. Sorry your hip is still giving you gyp, pain is so wearing. Stay safe. xx

  3. My son and his fiance bought me a Ninja food processor for my birthday. It is one of the most useful tools I have in my kitchen. It comes with two sealable containers so you can process stuff and seal it up straight away and keep in the fridge. It only does quite small amounts but is perfect for my needs. It costs about £25 or thereabouts

  4. Any boot sales, or do you have a local sale blog or FB or freebie site.
    I don't remember , an appliance you got from the friendly folks at their estate. Someone has surely gotten one then not really found a need for it in their home and you could get a real deal that way.
    Of the new things out there, I have no knowledge, mine is 40 yrs old at least and still does the job.
    Good luck on the search.

  5. Just catching up as I haven't been near my computer for a couple of weeks, not sure why.....
    Have you tried sprinkling Lavender Oil onto a hankie and tucking it inside your pillow case. I found this helped me when I couldn't sleep because of a few stresses that were gong on

    Julie xxxxx

    1. Ditto on the lavendar oil for stress, even works on the dog .

    2. Folks have mentioned Black Friday sales, I heard this year the stores are having the sales like that for a couple months before and up to Christmas this year.

  6. If you can wait until Black Friday or whatever it calls itself, you can probably get something good much cheaper.
    I have a Kenwood, no idea what kind and can't check right now but I'm happy with it.

    I suppose enough people fall for these scams to make it worth their while . . . that's sad really.

  7. I still have the Kenwood I bought years ago, so I really can't recommend anything more recent. But they are bloody expensive now aren't they, maybe try Facebook Marketplace, there could be a few people trying to make some money and selling things off in the current economic market.

    My grandson had the same email scam, but luckily he checked where he was at the time of the supposed offence and he was at work, and like you say it was very generic with no details of car or driver. So he deleted it and warned everyone in the family.

  8. Can we go back to the old days please when we didn't have all these horrible scams. I can see how some vulnerable people can fall for it.
    I take codeine and paracetamol together when I have to go out and walk and it works well for a few hours.

  9. Hi do you need a new hip joint, you have not said what is wrong. I e just asking a I got one of mine replace three years ago. I went into hospital Tuesday before had all the pre up tests etc done operation was next morning at eight. I then spent two days intensive care five more days in general ward. Once home I took another five weeks easy while recovered, going out from lunch but no housework etc. Give months later I hiked 450 ks across Spain with a back pack.

  10. I feel so sorry for people who get taken in by these sort of scams. I like to think that I can spot a scam but there'll be plenty of people who fall for them otherwise they'd just give up, and so many of these people can't afford to lose the money they do. The only way there'll be any improvement is if the justice system got tough with them, people seem to get away with murder these days.


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