Wednesday, 27 January 2021

Poor customer service

 A week ago I ordered some flowers for a relative, arranging for them to be delivered today.  Late yesterday afternoon I had an email from the online flowers company, apologising for the fact that my order could not be fulfilled.  They cited difficulties with their supplier and asked if I wanted to wait until their next delivery of these particular flowers next week, or choose a different bouquet to be delivered 'within the next few days'!  It took them until late afternoon, just minutes before their Customer Services desk closed, before they told me they wouldn't be delivering my order...really?!?!

When I quickly rang to ask what else they'd got for delivery for today as requested, they'd got hardly anything, certainly nothing like the flowers I'd ordered, and said they probably wouldn't be able to deliver today anyway.  So I asked for a refund....which they said would take 3-5 days!  Disgraceful.  I've emailed and complained.

Meanwhile, I googled and found a local florist in the town where my relative lives, I've rung them this morning and ordered a lovely bouquet which they will deliver this afternoon.  Good for them 👏


  1. I don't understand poor customer service. All it means is they lose not only that customer, but others. Do they really think you won't spread the word? It's a shame that good customer service is worthy of a mention, it should be the norm! xx

  2. When my in-laws were alive, that is the route I followed too. I went online and put in the town name and florist, and found several "local" companies. Since the town was 3,000 miles away from me, I was happy with the internet search!
    The price was actually about the same, but I could be certain that they would deliver on time, and if there were difficulties with the bouquet the company could be reached easily.

  3. How disappointing for you, so glad that you were able to sort it out and organize something else.

  4. That's a big let down, very poor service, as you say. I'm glad you were able to sort something out.

  5. Indeed but some online flower services are facing delivery difficulties from their wholesalers. Nice to go local when you can though.


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