Tuesday, 19 January 2021

A small shop then taking it easy

 Husband had to go to our local community hospital for an x-ray this morning, I sat in the car and waited, we then went to get a bit of top up shopping and some fresh veg.  I've been having home deliveries for the last few weeks, but the last 2 have been missing some items, and the last one had an entire bagful of dairy stuff missing (including my lactose free milk, grr), although I'd been charged for it - I guess it must have been left on the van or given to another customer by mistake.  It's been refunded now.  I didn't want to go to the big Morrisons as it's often busy in there and social distancing isn't observed very paperwork from the hospital said to observe strict social distancing for 2 weeks following discharge.  I always do anyway, but will make sure of it at the moment....I have no plans to go anywhere else in the near future in any case.

So we decided to go to a farm shop for the veggies - good choice, there were only a couple of other customers there.  And then we went to an Aldi that never seems to be busy - it wasn't, hardly anyone in there and we got straight onto a checkout without queueing, shop done and out of there in about 20 minutes.

We're not doing any more decluttering today, having the rest of the day off, in fact I'm going up for a nap now as I do feel quite tired.  My pee is less pink today, almost clear in fact, and is hardly stinging at all, so I think all the extra water I've been drinking is flushing it all through.


  1. Sounds like a decent enough day then.

  2. Good to hear your pee is clearer. (Never thought I'd be typing that! ­čśü) We went to Tesco today and all the customers and most of the staff were wearing masks, there were a few staff wearing sunflower lanyards, fair enough. BUT, I spotted 2 staff, one with his mask under his chin, the other just over his mouth. Then the tannoy was asking customers to wear their mask properly. Grrrrr! I think next time I see that I'll politely ask the staff member to wear their mask properly. Not something I'd usually do, but... xx

  3. Pleased your pee problem may have gone away. I'm low on veg so I'll have to get out at some point. Have a lovely healing nap.

  4. Glad your pee is looking better and thrilled you were able to get out for a shop. It does make you feel better knowing you have a good store cupboard.

  5. So glad to read that things are so much better now and that you even managed a short shop - excellent news.


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