Tuesday 26 January 2021

Rain, rain go away

 Firstly, I need to welcome a few new readers...hello, I can't think why anybody would find what I write interesting, I lead a pretty dull life actually, especially during a lockdown and in winter!  But welcome anyway, hope I don't bore you to tears.

Thanks for all the comments on my last post.  Not yet heard back from the dentist with an appointment, but thankfully my loose tooth seems to have bedded back in a bit - still wobbly but not as much and not so painful.  It's liveable with, which is just as well.  Funny how some dentists in some areas seem to be operating as normal, yet others - like mine - don't seem to be agreeable to seeing patients unless it's a dire emergency.

One of my nephews was admitted to hospital on Sunday morning in a state of collapse, he's been suffering various strange symptoms, including extreme muscle weakness and pains for a while.  He's had lots of tests in the past weeks, but there are long intervals between each set of tests due to covid restrictions, he's not seen a consultant yet and no diagnosis forthcoming thus far, other than a possible immune disorder.  He's only 30, bless him. He was due to see a several weeks.  Having been admitted, however, the neurologist has now agreed to see him as a matter of urgency.  He had a covid test in A&E before they would admit him to a ward, it came back negative (he did have Covid, thankfully mildly, very early on in the pandemic).  Last night he was told he'll have to isolate for 10 days (whilst he's in hospital!) as he was exposed to Covid - from one of the other patients in the ward!  How did that happen?  Bloody scary isn't it, go in hospital because of being very unwell, non-covid related, and get exposed to it whilst you're in there, just to add to your problems.  I'm so thankful my exploratory op was a quick in and out thing in a safe specialist day unit.

It's a horrible rainy day today, in fact the local forecast is for varying amounts of rain every day for the next 10 days.  So a good time to carry on with the decluttering, which has ground to a halt the past few days.  The trouble is, we now have several boxes and bags full of unwanted stuff and are running out of places to put it, seeing as the garage is still full, plus the roof leaks.  We did look into getting a skip - blimey, they're expensive!  So we will have to go to the tip a few times, despite the rain....well, once husband has got his finger out and sorted out his trailer, which is full of junk and in the full up garage! 😒

I do wish Spring (and the end of lockdown) would hurry up, had enough of this now.


  1. Oh, I do hope your nephew is alright and gets a diagnosis/treatment soon. My DIL's grandmother was admitted to hospital because she had a fall, and although the hospital she was in was doing vaccinations, she didn't get one (she's in her 90's). She's now in a care home, for convalescence, and they'd just had the vaccinations, so she missed again! Good luck with the declutter, it's not as easy as it once was. I'm with you (and the rest of the country) in wishing Spring and the end of lockdown was here. xx

  2. You might have a 'white van man' locally who would come and clear stuff for a fee and the understanding that he can sell anything that he is able to. That's how I initially cleared my garage and it was loads cheaper than a skip.
    I'm very sorry to read about your nephew and I am shocked that he has been exposed to covid while in hospital. Quite frightening really.

    Fingers crossed for the dentist.

    And finally - your blog is great!

  3. Here's hoping for a quick diagnosis for your nephew so that treatment can start.

  4. Amen to everybody's comments and your post.

  5. Has your nephew developed long Covid by any chance - you don't have to have had a serious case of the virus for it to affect you - I know only because it has happened to a friend of mine. Hope they find out what is the cause -these strange illnesses are a worry. Good luck with the tip runs.

  6. I agree Sooze, spring can't come quickly enough. I hope your nephew recovers soon. I too wondered about long covid. Good luck with the decluttering. xx

  7. I'm a nurse on a day unit. We've been exposed three times that we know of to positive patients. It's simple. People lie. They care only about themselves.

    We haven't been vaccinated yet. There is a shortage of the vaccine in my country and our doses have been redirected to the elderly living in nursing homes.

    I agree winter needs to be over. It's snowing, -30C. I've just been diagnosed with multiple allergies and have the flu. Not Covid.


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