Saturday, 16 January 2021

Feeling more like myself

 Thank you for all the comments, I'm feeling heaps better today.  The effects of the anaesthetic seem to be wearing off quicker than the last time I had one, although on reflection, that time I'd had an operation whereas this time it was just an exploratory thing, so that's probably why.  My nether regions are still tender, but no bleeding and the searing pain when peeing is now just a very mild sting, it's reducing all the time.

Just to clarify a few things....I'm not fixed at all, the problem I've had for nearly a year is still there, it's not resolved in any way.  The procedure on Wednesday was for the surgeon to explore by camera and check for diabetic nerve damage (which he thought was causing the problem), or possibly stones in my bladder, or anything else - signs of cancer eg, although he didn't think there was.  If he found any of these, he would have dealt with them there and then, hence why I had to have general anaesthesia rather than local.  However, he didn't find anything, he said my bladder seems normal, so there was nothing he needed to do.

All the procedure did was rule out a few possible causes of my condition, it didn't identify what IS actually causing it, and the condition is ongoing and still causing me the same problems.  So I will wait to see what the surgeon has to say in his letter, and then speak to my GP to see if something can be done, as I can't go on with things the way they are indefinitely.

Meanwhile, we've had some very good news, I can't say any more but it's something that will make a very big difference to our future life and we're both chuffed to bits about it.

It was blowing a gale and chucking it down when I got up this morning, it's calmed down a lot now and looks much better out....not that I'm going anywhere but at least it'll be nicer when husband takes Betty out for a longer walk after lunch.  No sign of any snow and none forecast for us.


  1. Good to hear the op went well and nothing sinister found. Not so good that there is a different cause to your problem, I suppose it's a process of elimination.

    Really pleased for you that you had very good news which will make a positive difference to your future, that's grand and long may it continue. A very welcome boost! xx

  2. I hope your good news gives you the lift that you deserve.

  3. So pleased you've had some good news. That seems to be very rare during these horrid times, so doubly exciting! I can empathise with your frustration at not getting your health problem sorted. My hubby has had blood tests/scans/examinations for an ongoing problem, all of which say there's nothing wrong, but he knows there's something not right. Just keep asking and hopefully, eventually, someone will find out what it is. xx

  4. I'm so glad you're feeling a lot better today and my fingers are crossed that now they know what it isn't, they can find out what it is. xx

  5. So pleased that you have had good news and thrilled you are recovering from the anaesthetic with less pain in the nether regions.

  6. Hopefully this procedure will help your GP to find what exactly is causing your symptoms. Delighted you have good news.

  7. So pleased for you both that you feel much better and your good news. x

  8. glad it all went well and nothing untoward was found. x


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