Thursday, 21 January 2021

A stonking headache day

 Yesterday I had to do some financial stuff for husband, on his computer, both of which I dislike intensely.  His computer is slow, his desk is a mess (and I hate working in a mess) and the chair is uncomfortable and gives me backache.  I find sorting out financial stuff a strain anyway, more so the older I get, it just overloads my brain, especially if the stuff isn't straightforward, which this certainly wasn't.  By lunchtime, when I'd done as much as I could, I had a stonking headache and had to go and lie down for an hour, the headache persisted all afternoon, though did ease up a bit in the evening.

The new (to me) tablet which husband's daughter very kindly sent me to replace my Amazon Fire, which is limited in what it can do, has been giving me a few problems too.  Some of which I admit were driver error.... technology and me aren't really compatible!  I'd put all my favourites on the thing, then couldn't work out how to access them - I've done it now, but it seems a long winded way of getting to them, unlike the simple to use Fire...I expect there's an easier way, I just haven't worked it out yet.  Also, the internet kept dropping out on the tablet yesterday first I thought it was due to the weather, which does tend to play havoc with our broadband.  However, it transpired that it wasn't affecting husband's desktop or my phone, they were both still working fine, so the problem seems to be just with the new tablet.  Or me!  I gave up with it in the end, it was just adding to my headache.

I'm typing this blog post on it now, it seems alright at the moment, fingers crossed.

The other day when we did the top up shop, I bought a small cooked chicken.  I stripped the meat off, saving some for Betty, and made two chicken and ham cottage pies, using up some leftover gammon.  The topping was mashed ordinary and sweet potatoes.  We had one last night, the other went in the freezer, I boiled up the bones with a bit of chopped veg for stock and froze that too.  So one small £3 chicken made two dinners for us, three chicken dinners for Betty and a tub of stock for a future soup.

I slept very badly last night, unsurprisingly, and feel like death warmed up this morning.  So I won't be doing much today.


  1. Hope the headache clears. Just thought I would mention there was an interesting program on BBC 1 last night on mental health about 9pm - they had a section on insommia and a new device they were trialling to help people - it clips to your ear and gives you more Alpha waves. The device will be available soon and it has been very effective in trials. The lady invovlevd did say however that you can get the same effect from meditation as this also increases Alpha waves in the same way. I can say that I know meditation works as I used in in place of a pre-med in hospital before my major operation and it worked a treat - the anaesthetist thought I must have had a relaxant I was so calm and my blood pressure spot on! Have a good day Sooze - perhaps keep off the paperwork!

  2. Take it easy today, Sooze. I hope you get your tablet sorted. Could it be where your router is placed, or the antennae? Sounds like I know what I'm talking about! 😁 Hubby had problems with his Ipad, until my IT consultant (son) said to switch it off properly, not just on standby, and then back on again. Works like a dream now! So that might be worth a try. Technology is wonderful - when it works! Hope you have a better day today. xxx

  3. Oh I feel your pain, me and new gadgets ... or just stroppy ones ... do not get on at all. I'm surprised more of my things don't get lobbed out of the window. I find the best thing is to shut everything down and walk away, I should do that sooner though before I get so angry with them.

  4. Technology though wonderful is a pain in the bum sometimes. I discovered the other day that the phone Tony bought me for Christmas hadn't connected to our wifi. I've used my entire data allowance for the month. I wish I had thought to check it.

  5. My husband often hands me his iPad in frustration as it's not going something he clearly expects it to do. I do it and it works, the air turns blue and he says I was doing that and it didnt work. 🤣 I hope you feel better and you get to grips with the new tablet.

  6. Whilst I am a fan of technology for keeping in touch with family and friends, I am not great with it. Hope your headache as eased.

  7. Time to pay a professional to do the paperwork.:) maybe


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