Friday 1 January 2021

A good start

 I was tired and weepy last night so took a sleeping tablet and went to bed at 9.30, read for half an hour then put the light out just after 10 and was asleep within minutes.  Dog woofing woke me up around 11.30 pm, she must have heard something, she settled back down straight away so I didn't need to get up.  Drifted in and out of sleep for a couple of hours, heard fireworks on and off in the distance - nobody around here has any, living in a very rural farming area people are respectful of livestock.  Betty didn't make a sound, so she wasn't bothered by the distant fireworks.  Husband said he never heard anything, not even the dog, so he must have been sound asleep in his room.  Maybe he'd had a drink before bed.

Really hard frost this morning and the sky looks full of snow, although I don't think we have any forecast.  The field out the back finally, after several weeks, no longer looks like a swamp, it's hard and frozen.  That meant husband could take Betty in the field and let her off the lead for a good run around, for the first time in ages.  I watched them from the window, she was charging around like a mad thing, clearly enjoying herself hugely, so lovely to see.

I've not been dog walking much at all the last couple of weeks, husband is fit enough to do it now.  Since I've stopped doing it regularly, my hip pain has eased considerably, so the orthopaedic doctor I had a phone consultation with was obviously right when she said the increased walking was exacerbating the problem.  Which is a shame as I do like walking, but don't like the pain.  It still wakes me up every night when I turn onto my right hip, which is a nuisance, but the reduction in pain during the day is good.  The doctor said lots more walking, especially on uneven ground, was putting too much strain on my already inflamed bursas and tendons.  Ah well, I'm a fair weather walker anyway so not doing many walks right now is fine by me.

I have no idea what the future holds for me, the worsening covid situation has put paid to my immediate plans.  All I can do is get through one day at a time.  I have lots to keep me occupied, although being stuck at home both because of Tier 4 and my self isolation leading up to my operation, doesn't make for comfortable living.  The sooner we get the vaccines, the better.

Wishing you all a happy new year, certainly a better one than last.


  1. I'm glad to hear you're not in quite as much pain now and it must be lovely to see Betty having such a good time, and hopefully this will improve hubby's mood somewhat too, he must have struggled with not getting enough fresh air.

    I hope this year is a better one for you, things can only improve ... or so I keep telling myself. Happy New Year. xx

  2. Happy New Year Sooze. The glums has hit a few of us just recently. I am glad to hear that you aren't in so much pain. Long may it continue.

  3. I really hope it will be a Happy New Year for you and everyone. I can imagine Betty's delight at running free, I envy her ability to enjoy the moment. I'm glad your pain is easing a bit, and fingers crossed, you'll get your op, then you can start looking forward. I can't wait to get the vaccine. If it means we can begin to get back to some sort of normality, bring it on! xx

  4. You is said often...but we are all in the same boat. Now at least it isn't still sinking.Pick a life preserver and hang on. We are to be saved...we can see them coming. Your surgery, a shot,
    there is nothing wrong with taking a tablet to sleep. We all HAVE to have sleep. Hugs . We all will share our life preserver with you when you need it. Just give us a shout. We all need help in some way or another.

  5. try keeping your legs in line with your hips when sitting and don't sleep on the side of your hip pain as the weight adds pressure = pain keeping legs straight in bed evens up pressure. Keep taking sleeping pills as the more sleep you get the better you can cope. look forward to the vaccine and your op. you cannot change the past, try to make each day positive. Cuddles from Poppy and Val

  6. Happy new year, wishing you everything you wish for yourself.

  7. Happy New Year. Hope things improve all round for everyone.
    As my late husband used to say to me when I was getting so fed-up with things think positive
    Julie xxx

  8. Things could be worse it will pass.
    it's a beautiful day here today .
    Hazel c U.K. 🌈🌈🌻🌻


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