Wednesday, 27 January 2021

WARNING language alert

 If you don't like bad language, look away now.

I've had to deal with officialdom today, both on the phone and's taken several hours, is nowhere near resolved and I'm fed up to the back teeth with the absolute shittyness of it all.  I've been passed from pillar to post on the phone, given several different numbers to ring, kept on hold for ages until I gave up in sheer frustration.  The recorded message kept saying every few minutes that one could try the website....well I did, and guess what, the thing I needed can't bloody well be done online, because our situation didn't conform to the set protocol in the online form.  So was told that you have to do it by phone!  Or in person....only face to face appointments aren't taking place right now because of covid use the website or phone!

I just wanted to smash both the damn computer and phone to bits and scream my head off.

I know it's not my husband's fault, he's severely dyslexic and can't deal with forms and paperwork, so I've always had to do it.  But as I've got older I find it more difficult, my head feels more woolly and it just gives me a king size bloody headache, especially when it's not straightforward and everything seems designed to kick me in the shins.

And I've got to go through it all again tomorrow!

This is connected to the 'good news' I mentioned a few posts back, which is turning out to be nothing of the sort.

There are times when it feels like absolutely bloody nothing goes right for us, and I'm so sodding sick and tired of it.


  1. Testing times Sooze aren't they. I can imagine just how frustrated you felt - we experienced a few months of this when dealing with my mother-in-law's finances under an EPA which many companies felt they did not have to recognise. My mum-in-law had Parkinsons and dementia and could not handle her own finances and it got even worse when she died with us coming up against many a brick wall. One person in the probate department of Santander asked that we put her on the phone so they could verify who we were even though we had lodged the EPA and death certificate with them and were speaking with the probate department!!
    Better luck tomorrow. x

  2. Oh, Sooze. I really feel for you. It's awful when you just get passed from pillar to post. And if you eventually get to speak to a real human being, chances are they're as much use as a chocolate teapot! If you're lucky, you'll get the one person who knows what's what and can help. I hope tomorrow's experience is different (in a good way). I write down any questions or points I want to make, so I don't forget, or get in a muddle. And if I don't understand something, I ask them to explain again in words of one syllable. If they think I'm a dotty old lady - sod 'em! xx

  3. I'm so sorry Sooze :( Life was easier before technology I'm sure. x

  4. Oh Sooze, I reckon we've all been there, talking to 12-year old 'advisors' who are utterly useless at their jobs, going from one department to another . . . and another . . . Aaaaarrrggghhhhh! This afternoon I wasted almost an hour after I rang a business with a question about their product and ended up being pressured into buying a 'better' product (much more expensive product) and being assured that I could pay just a small deposit followed by a 3 year Plan . . .
    I tried to be polite but finally had to tell him straight what I thought of his selling methods and reminded him that I had initially phoned to ask about one particular item - NOT to spend a b****y fortune!!!!

  5. I am so sorry, sending a hug. I wish I had some suggestions to help...

  6. Hugs and more for tomorrow. Good luck.

  7. Just been on the phone for nearly an hour to reactivate a code thingy and then told they will send it through post and may take a week, and they say internet banking is easy. Like you I've had enough of it all.

  8. I'm really sorry to hear that Sooze. I know how you feel, I really do. So many companies and Govt departments are using the pandemic as an excuse not to provide good customer service. Type 1 diabetics have to renew their driving license every 3years, the atmosphere in our house is dreadful. I made hubby photocopy his past applications before sending them off, it makes life a little easier when the new forms arrive. I hope you get it sorted.


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