Sunday 31 January 2021

Things are looking up

 I had a brainwave (doesn't happen very often) the other day and had a look on the Age UK website...well, we are of the age, after all!  It seems they can help with all sorts of things - I'd only ever thought of them in terms of charity shops and meals on wheels before, but they really do help in countless different ways.  I emailed them giving a brief outline of our problem, they gave a very kind and helpful reply in general terms.  However, they said to ring them Monday am and leave my contact details on the answer phone and they will get a specialist adviser to ring me back and go through everything with me.  How nice.  So now I have two useful phone consultations this coming week, progress at last, after a week of head banging and getting nowhere.

And some really good news....Husband is booked to have his first covid jab this afternoon!  We're so pleased.  Mine won't be for some weeks yet (I'm in Group 6 or possibly even 7, as far as I can make out), but things are moving.  He has to go to the big central hub at Taunton Racecourse, a 40 min or so drive away, but he doesn't mind, it's worth it to be able to get covid protection.

I'm giving up on the blimmin tablet husband's daughter gave me as a replacement for my Amazon fire....the more of my stuff I put on it, the slower it gets, and the internet keeps dropping out every few minutes, which it doesn't nearly as much on my Fire or phone.  It was nice of her, but I can see why she wanted rid of it for a better model 😉.  I'll get a new laptop one day, at the moment it's not really a priority.  Hardly a problem with the current situation and the real problems others have!

Nephew is still in hospital, a week now.  He's had loads of tests, things like an MRI, lumbar puncture, electrical nerve conduction tests.  No firm diagnosis forthcoming, but lots of quite serious things ruled out, which is good.  He's due to see another specialist tomorrow.  He's regaining strength and didn't need morphine yesterday, as was in less pain, so is hopeful of being able to go home soon.  He's found it very hard not being able to have visits from his fiancee or family....that's one of the really big downsides of this bloody Covid situation isn't it, must be awful being in hospital and not allowed visitors.  Equally hard for his fiancee, as her family live many miles away so she's on her own.

Thanks all for comments, and I'm sorry I haven't commented much on your blogs lately...been a bit snowed under.  Hopefully things will settle down a bit in a week or 2.  (Until the next crisis in our roller coaster life 😂😒).


  1. I'd never really considered Age UK for help with problems, but I guess when you think about it, it makes sense. And they won't treat you as if a) you're stupid or b) you're an expert! Good to hear your hubby's getting the jab. I've heard of so many people now getting it. I'm way down the list, 66 with no underlying health issues, but as soon as I get the call, I'll be there! I'm sorry to hear your nephew is still not sorted, but at least some nasties have been ruled out. I hope it won't be too long before he's home. Stay safe, Sooze. xx

  2. Age UK helped my mum-in-law reapply for her disability badge when the council refused her the first time. She had Parkinsons and dementia and could only walk a few yards and Age Uk were astounded that they had refused. I am sure they will help with your problem. x

  3. I use to be a volunteer with AGE CONCERN and they are very good. My D has had her jab because she works in a Care Home, my GD is a police woman so I hope she gets hers soon also my son who has Cancer. I think they are doing a wonderful job with the injections even working at the weekends.
    Hope your Nephew is home soon.
    Hazel c uk 🌈🌈🌈

  4. Encouraging news regarding your nephew. I hope his progress continues and there is a firm diagnosis. So pleased you are getting some help too. I was talking to a friend and mentioned she should try age concern or the citizens advice regarding a complex problem she has with a previous mortgage provider. Hope it goes well Sooze. X

  5. I should have remembered Age UK, they are really good and helpful, also Citizens Advice, a friend of mine had a lot of help from them when she got a new mobile.
    Hope your nephew recovers quickly and well.


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