Tuesday, 5 January 2021

Out of the bad comes good

 So we're in lockdown again, which I'm sure we all knew would happen.  It is scary though just how quickly this new variant is spreading, the vaccination programme needs to speed up considerably if we're going to cope with it.  I'm not commenting on whether or not Boris is doing the right thing, but I will say I do feel sorry for him, he must go to bed with a king size headache every night, he's damned and blasted whatever he does.

Well, without going into all the details, husband and I had a good long talk yesterday and worked things out, and I think it's going to be ok.  I'm sure it won't all be plain sailing, but we have formulated a plan and he's seen, and is in agreement with, my point of view.  We've both agreed to work towards a common goal, part of which should be realised this year, with the ultimate goal hopefully next year.  I think we both feel so much better now.

Husband's mole removal at a clinic outsourced from the big general hospital is still going ahead tomorrow....I'm surprised, I thought it was likely to be cancelled, but he had a text this morning confirming it's still on.  Whether or not my op will still happen next week remains to be's at the big hospital, but in a purpose built day surgery unit separate from the main hospital.  I'm pleased about that, I don't have to go inside the main hospital and everyone who has an op or procedure in the day surgery unit has to have a covid test 3 days prior, me included.  So I'm satisfied that it'll be as safe as it can be.

I've got rice pudding in the slow cooker, feels like a bit of comfort food is needed!  It is sunny and dry, with very little wind, but it's blimmin cold.  I also made broccoli, cauli and stilton soup for lunch, it was lush with husband's homemade wholemeal seeded bread.

Thanks again for all the lovely comments, you are a wonderful bunch and I'm very grateful for your support.  Xx


  1. I'm glad you and hubby have been able to sort things out. Even if plans have to be on hold, you can work towards them being realised. Hope hubby's mole removal goes smoothly, and ditto for your op next week. I've still got everything crossed that it goes ahead. xx

  2. Gosh, your food sounds delicious. Fingers crossed for your op.

  3. Oooh can I come to lunch?

    Julie xxxxxx

  4. Your soup sounds delicious sooze. I was at our local hospital yesterday afternoon and was very impressed how careful they were, cleaning after doing anything. I wore surgical gloves and a new mask but they insisted I change it for one of theirs as soon as I arrived. Hope your op goes ahead as planned.

  5. It feels so much better once the air has been cleared doesn't it. When I finally got Alan to sit and talk properly about how things were it didn't take us that long to figure out our future 'together but apart' and luckily we found the perfect property to be able to do it in.

    Fingers crossed that your op can still go ahead.

  6. Pleased to hear things are on the up for you - fingers crossed for the op. x


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