Monday, 11 January 2021

A step nearer

 Well, I had my covid test yesterday, so I'm a step nearer to having my operation on Wednesday.  It was a drive through thing in the car park of the local community hospital, they will only contact me if it's a positive result - I sincerely hope not.  If I don't hear from them, I can assume it was negative and go for my op on Wednesday as planned.

We had a leaflet come through the other day from a clothing company we've bought things from a few times, they have a sale on at the moment and were offering a free gift if your order is over £30, they do that quite often.  The free gift this time is an overnight bag and matching toiletries bag....just right for my hospital attendance.  Although my op is hopefully a day case thing, I've been told to take an overnight bag just in case - I have an adverse reaction to general anaesthetic, and my congenital mild liver disease might possibly cause me to become jaundiced following an operation, so I may have to stay overnight for observation.  So I ordered a couple of things....Husband wanted a new rugby shirt and I ordered a top reduced to half price, the total for both was just over £30, so I qualified for the free gift too.  The order came yesterday (delivered by courier at 5.45 pm on a Sunday!).  I sterilised the package before opening, and thoroughly washed my hands after handling..the tops are lovely - but no free gift!  I suppose it could come separately, but no mention of it.  I do have a weekend bag I can use, but it's bigger than the overnight one - not that it matters really.  I've emailed the company, although I doubt I'll receive the missing bag now before Wednesday.  

Having a family video quiz this evening, which should be a laugh, a bit of a diversion from the boring routine.  I know this lockdown is necessary, especially prior to my op, but I'm totally fed up with house arrest!


  1. Well, it looks like your op is going ahead. What a shame about the overnight bag, it'll probably arrive the day after your op - Sod's law! I hope you don't have to stay in overnight, but if it's for your welfare, so be it. I can't believe this lockdown has been only a week, seems like forever. I'll be thinking of you on Wednesday. Hugs. xx

  2. I would say check your order details as usually free gifts and discount codes are listed on the order if they are included. Sometimes in the T&C's there are exemptions or a closing date that is not obvious too.
    Hope all goes well on Wednesday. x

    1. That was my first thought as well. Either that or there were limited quantities of the free gift (that's happened to me more than once, place the order and no gift because they ran out)

  3. Oh fingers crossed everything is okay with your test and the op can go ahead. It will be great to get this over and done with now, especially as the hospitals are being very quickly overwhelmed and more and more things could be cancelled.

  4. Glad you op is still on the cards, everything crossed for a negative test, you should be OK, you have not been anywhere. Typical with the bags, always the thing you want is delayed.

  5. Like you I am fed up with been cooped up. So glad your op is going ahead.

  6. Good news that, fingers crossed, things are happening.

  7. Fingers firmly crossed that all goes well for your op. Diabetics are usually one of the first on the list so they can keep am check on blood sugars after nil by mouth, hubby has a had a few ops under general. I'm looking for a new coat in the sales and some other bits. Its sounds like you got a good deal.

  8. Fingers crossed the bag will come and also for a successful and trouble free operation.
    Cotton Traders do freebies quite often. I like their clothes so sometimes I go for it!


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