Friday 21 May 2021

Our respective weekends have started

 Well, I've just waved husband off, with a promise from him to take it easy, to stop whenever he feels tired and to ring me each time.  I know he'll be cautious and take good care - after all, he does know what he's doing, he was a lorry driver for 30+ years, driving all over the country.

It's a strange feeling knowing I'm home alone until Sunday evening - I don't mind being on my own, even overnight (husband worked all sorts of long shift hours, including overnight, most of his working life).  But, apart from a couple of times when he had brief spells in hospital, we've never spent days and nights apart before.  Although I'm not totally alone, of course, I have Betty (who's currently sulking up on the bed, missing her dad already).  It's a good test though, as we both intend to do this more often - husband to go up to stay with his daughter, me to go visit my brother and SiL in Cornwall, which I'm planning on doing in the coming weeks.  When I go to see my sister, my bro will take me, as he has done in the past.  One thing the enforced months of lockdown has taught us is that it will be good to each have time apart, doing our own things, then we'll enjoy our time together even more.

It's bin day today, well, the recycling boxes.  I'm not putting it out this week though - it's so terribly windy all the stuff will end up being blown all down the lane, and the dustmen never pick it up!  And a couple of the neighbours take days to retrieve their bins and boxes, even when they get blown down the lane.

Off upstairs now to my craft room, with a big mug of frothy coffee.


  1. Enjoy the peace. You know what they say about absence! xx

  2. I think we all need space. I take myself upstairs and do some crochet with my earphones on when it all gets a bit too much.

  3. It's lovely having time alone isn't it, not having to ask what someone else wants to eat or putting up with what they want to watch on television.

    Enjoy your time to yourself ... and of course with Betty. Mavis is a real Daddy's girl too, but Suky doesn't care who she's with as long as they know where the food is kept :-)

  4. Hope you enjoy your couple of days with Betty. Great to eat when you fancy, watch what you want. Dogs are funny, one of ours was my shadow, the other had a new best friend where ever he was. If Betty is still sulking, you may have a whole bed to yourself. x

  5. Enjoy your time (almost) alone. It is a good time just to catch up with yourself sometimes.

  6. Enjoy your time. Peace and no tv .

  7. It sounds brilliant. Have a wonderful time doing just what you fancy doing.


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