Sunday, 23 May 2021

Pictures and plans

 Betty was as good as gold last night on my bed, she took a little while to settle initially, but after that she slept with hardly a stir (and no snoring!!).  She woke up when I did at 6 and we had a little cuddle - she's not actually a very cuddly dog, she's a bit aloof most of the time (that's the SharPei half of her).  I think she's missing her dad (I can't say that I am 😂😂 - it's certainly much quieter without him), she's been a bit subdued.  She's been eating well though, so can't be missing him that much lol.  He'll be back home late this afternoon, he's had a good time by the sound of things.

Here's a couple of drawings I've done:-

I don't like the watercolour background, it was an experiment and I shan't be doing it again.

I did both of these on canvas, using pencils on canvas is very different to drawing with pencils on art paper.  I think canvas is much more suitable for paints, I definitely prefer using pencils on art paper.  I'm fairly happy with these birch trees though, I like the splash of colour from the leaves.

And here's a quick preliminary sketch of a dandelion:-

I like the way it looks, I'll do a bigger and slightly different version later.  For a first go I'm quite pleased with it.

I am liking doing just pencil drawings - at the moment, I've only got one type of pencil, not even sure what type/grade of lead it is, just a cheap pack of pencils from Smiths!  Must get some different ones to try out.  Will get husband to drop me off in town tomorrow when he goes to the dentist.  

Busy week coming up....husband has the dentist tomorrow as mentioned, to replace a cap that fell out.  Tuesday we're going to meet up with our lovely friends from Kent who are down here on holiday, we're having lunch out in a pub - a first for over a year!  Wednesday I have the dentist - I'm having a tooth out and some gum treatment, which I'm dreading - last time I had the gum treatment, my mouth was terribly sore for several days, and parts of my face and nose were numb for days also - it seems to take ages for the anaesthetic to wear off.  So I'll be eating sloppy meals for a while...*note to self, make some cottage and fish pies for the freezer.

Thursday husband has to go for his first physiotherapy session on his foot, and it's our wedding anniversary - 38 years!  I think we're more or less the longest married couple we know! 😲😁 (other than my uncle and aunt, who've been married since the year dot).  It's a good job we're going out for lunch Tuesday, as I wouldn't be able to on Thursday, with my mouth potentially being so sore.


  1. I like your drawings, particularly the dandelion. I hope the dental work isn't as bad as anticipated, but just keep telling yourself, once it's done, that's it! Isn't it lovely to be able to meet up with people again? Just had my daughter, son-in-law and grandson for a few days. Ooooh, cuddles with my GS! I can't stop smiling. Happy wedding anniversary for Thursday. We'll have been married 46 years in July. Doesn't time fly! xx

  2. Lovely drawings, you have such talent.
    Good luck with the dental stuff. I have some on Wednesday too so will think of you then!


  3. Lovely drawings, especially the lily but agree with you on the background. Your the stamens and birch leaves dance in the wind.

  4. Meant to say good luck with the dentist, yes anaesthetic always takes longer to wear off than the dentist suggests for me too. Depending on what it is used for I quite often ask for a 3/4 or even 1/2 dose, works just as well for me and wears off quicker.


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