Wednesday, 19 May 2021

Fed up

I'm getting a bit fed up with the inaction around here, both to do with the caravan and husband's lack of enthusiasm for doing anything at all.  

Regarding the caravan - anyone would think the site owner really isn't bothered about having empty vans on site (and presumably no cash coming in).  And of course when he actually sells a van, he puts a mark up on it so earns a good amount from the sale, probably more than the van owner gets! (caravans depreciate a lot.....and I do mean a lot).  So why isn't he prompting the van owner to get back and empty the van out?  He was supposed to come and finish emptying it last weekend, but didn't turn up, the site owner doesn't know why.  I emailed to ask if it was really necessary for the van to be emptied before we looked at it - after all, the first one we looked at on his site still had the owner's possessions in it.  No reply as yet - he takes several days to reply to emails.  I've rung him today - answer phone on (as usual!) so left a message.  Wonder how long it'll take him to get back to me?!

The trouble is, I'm very conscious of weeks rushing by - we're in the 2nd half of May already!  And WHEN we buy a van, of necessity it's going to be fairly old, so will need doing up, which will take some time, depending on the amount of work we have to do to it.  And the site closes at the end of unless we get a van very soon, by the time we've decorated and done it up to our satisfaction, we're not going to have a lot of time left to actually relax and enjoy the van this year!

I know we're all different, some people are very laid back, others (me!) like to get things done.  And not everyone is full of enthusiasm or feels things the way I do (yes M I'm looking at you!!).  My view is that, generally speaking, nice things rarely just happen - well, rarely to us - you have to MAKE things happen.  Especially if it's something you really want.  

As for husband.....after the GP gave him a good going over last week and confirmed his heart is no worse, and it's not fluid he's retaining around his middle but good old fashioned fat(!!), the GP's conclusion was that husband needs to get up off his backside and start being more active, as well as eating a bit less.  But getting husband motivated to do anything at all is an uphill struggle - since he had the foot op last October, he's put on a stone and become downright lazy.  The back garden (his domain) is an overgrown jungle since he's not growing much in the way of veg this year.  He's got 6 or 8 compost bins he's acquired over the past couple of years (from neighbours who didn't want them anymore), well he's clearly not using them for anything (including the kitchen veg peelings) as they're almost enveloped by the overgrown hedging.  The raised beds are overrun with weeds, the leeks remaining from last year have mostly gone to seed.  The garden looks a tip.  We've had a discussion today and I've tried to encourage him to turn the bloody TV off before I rip the thing off the wall and chuck it out of the window, and get on and do something.  He says he's going to do things - but then doesn't do them, it takes him weeks to get round to it (and weeks of nagging by me).  I bloody hate being referred to as a nag - after all, what is nagging?  It's having to constantly and repeatedly ask for something to be done, when it should have been done the first time of asking!!

And before anyone suggests it - he's not depressed, he's perfectly happy having a chat and laugh with neighbours, postmen, delivery drivers etc.  He's just got into a rut since he had to be inactive for a while following his foot op, and can't seem to drag himself out of it - or doesn't feel the need to.

Right now, I'm fed up with everything being on my shoulders - nothing gets done or organised or even thought about, unless I do it.


  1. I know just how you feel, Sooze. I'm impatient too. It annoys me when people, especially when it's their business, dally and faff about. Like you say, don't they want the money? Is there another site nearby where you could try? I'm sure someone would want the business! xx

  2. Sorry they are taking along time with the caravan but you will get it sorted soon.
    I can understand how you feel about your husband I like to have things done straight away, there might be something worrying your husband that he might not want to tell you after all he does have health problems and depression comes in different ways I know by my own self.
    Hazel 🌈🌈

  3. I hate the waiting bit too. Tony has learned over the years that I will only ask him to do something once and then I will do it myself. My ex MIL used to say.. 'start the job cos men can't resist taking over' she wasn't wrong.

  4. Sorry to hear things have slowed down a lot over there Sooze. Perhaps the caravan owners themselves preferred the van to be empty before a viewing takes place. Maybe the reason they are giving it up is because they are too busy or not well enough to make the journey. I do hope that you get to see it soon - perhaps you can negotiate a reduced rent pro rata for the remaining months as it does seem unfair that you would have to pay for the whole season.
    Perhaps your husband needs to ease back into doing something and maybe all the jobs mounting up feels a bit daunting and making him think that he will put it off and start tomorrow. Sometimes completing a small task each day and seeing the result can be a bit of a motivating factor.
    Hope you have a few better days ahead and some good news about the caravan.

  5. is frustrating.


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