Thursday, 13 May 2021

Rain! House martins, veggies

 The arm soreness has almost gone and I'm feeling much better today, despite not catching up on much sleep.  When I went up for a nap yesterday afternoon, Betty came with me....she kept fidgeting and changing position, and then leapt off the bed and raced downstairs barking when she heard a delivery van pull up outside - not for us, for next door.  Last night I slept fairly well initially, but was woken up in the early hours by torrential rain hammering against the window, it continued for the rest of the night.  The weather seems to be all extremes now - for weeks we had no rain, lots of sunshine but really strong cold winds, with frosts overnight.  Now it's rain nearly every day - well, it will certainly be ALL day today, according to the forecast.  I'm glad I don't need to go anywhere.  Bed changing day today, but I won't be doing the washing until tomorrow, it's not a day for washing on the line.  I load the machine and set it to come on overnight, as we have the cheap rate overnight electricity.  It's forecast to be sunny tomorrow morning, although back to rain in the afternoon, so I can get the bedding on the line first thing and hopefully it'll dry by lunchtime.

The house martins have finally arrived, several weeks later than usual, there were lots zipping around twittering to each other yesterday, I love seeing them.  Swallows, however, have already been here a couple of weeks.....strange.  There's a house martin nest in the corner of our bedroom window, it's used every year - yesterday though I saw a swallow going in it twice - a squatter!  Will have to watch to see what happens, whether the swallow will take up residence, or the usual house martin repossessing it.  No sign of any of the birds today, I don't know where they go but we don't see them when it's raining all the time.

Thank you all for comments.....HH, yes I have had a tooth out before, I'm just a total coward when it comes to the dentist, a jittery bag of nerves (which probably makes it all worse).  I didn't even have anything done yesterday, other than her prodding my gums with that sharp pointy thing and then putting the putty stuff in my mouth to take impressions - yuck, horrible, and I wasn't even allowed to rinse my mouth out in there (Covid restrictions), so it was just as well I'd taken a bottle of water with me.  I was spitting out lumps of pink plasticine stuff all day.  Even though I had nothing much done, I still felt pretty traumatised.....wimpy I know.  Must remember to take an anti-anxiety pill just before I go to have the tooth out in 2 weeks, I forgot yesterday.

We're getting lots of asparagus this year, husband's cutting enough for a side dish for both of us every other day.  He's just bought some courgette plants, but it's too wet to put them in just yet.  We're still not growing loads of veg this year, but will have first early potatoes, a few tomatoes, courgettes and probably leeks, plus all the fruit (strawberries, blueberries, apples and pears.....maybe a few plums).  It's a pity the asparagus season isn't longer, I do love asparagus.  I might possibly have a wigwam of runner beans in a pot in the front garden, just the one (rather than the several rows husband normally grows in the back garden......he must think there's a small army of people living in this house!  We were inundated with beans last year....).


  1. I had a friend who had to be given Valium before leaving her house. Strong enough to almost knock her out. Hubby used to carry her straight into the dentist chair, then the dentist would do the work. Hubby carried her out, drove home, and she woke up in bed. She was that frightened about dentists.

  2. I'm glad your arm soreness is going and you're feeling better. How lovely having swallows and house martins outside your window. You're not a wimp about the dentist. I don't mind going, but I'm always glad when I've been and barring emergencies, I don't have to go again for 6 months! xx

  3. You are doing well coping with all . I guess there is no enjoying the front garden weather/sunshine yet.
    Should someone wonder who the person is sitting in her front garden with a raincoat and brolly. :)


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