Thursday, 6 May 2021

Continuing our holiday at home

 Yesterday we went to Wells.  It's been so long since we last went that I'd forgotten Wednesday is market day there, so it was a bit busier than I'd have liked.  No problems though, most people were wearing masks (including us), even outdoors.  We really wanted to have lunch outside one of the cafes there (they all now have outside seating), but there was a strong freezing cold wind, even though it was sunny, so we decided against it - I just didn't want to sit there shivering and trying to stop my lunch blowing away!  Never mind, we enjoyed having a mooch around the shops and I did get a few things I wanted.  One advantage of having to wear a mask is that it keeps your face warm when it's cold!

It was cloudy with a couple of showers this morning, but cleared up by lunchtime when the sun came out (the forecasters are doing a very good job lately).  So off we went to our lovely Dunster beach after lunch, much to Betty's delight, she was charging around on the sand like a mad thing.  There was a lovely clear blue sky and plenty of sunshine, but boy was it cold - that blimmin freezing wind still.  No wonder there was hardly anyone there, sensible people probably stayed at home in the warm.  We didn't walk right to the end of the site like we usually do, it was just too cold and the wind was blowing right in our faces.  At least it was behind us on the way back to the car park.  Betty doesn't care about the wind and cold though, she had a lovely time.

We're thinking we might possibly go to Exeter tomorrow, it's supposed to be another sunny day, hopefully not with such a cold wind though.

Husband's consultant (for his foot) said he'd benefit from having physiotherapy, his foot is being very slow to heal and is still causing him a lot of pain.  He got the appointment letter through today......for a course of phone appointments.  What good is that going to do him?  He's disgusted and says he's going to see what his consultant says about it, he's due to see her again (an actual face to face appointment) the week after next.

I have my 2nd jab next week, husband had his last week.  He had no side effects at all, although with the first one he had a headache and felt very shivery and feverish for 12 hours.  I'm hoping I'll have no ill effects either, as I have the dentist the day after.


  1. We've managed a coffee outside, but I don't fancy sitting long enough to have a meal. It's a shame, the cafes and restaurants could do with the business, but there's not many who are going to sit in the cold and rain! We had our 2nd jabs on Sunday, with no ill effects, not even a sore arm. Hope you're as lucky. xx

  2. Cold here too Sooze - we had a huge list of jobs to do in the garden but we gave in today and went out for a drive round the bay as there was no place i could find in the garden that wasn't windy.

  3. My jab is next week too so fingers are crossed for us both.
    I've heard Wells is lovely and I'm glad you had a good time, despite the cold wind.

  4. It sounds like the 'holiday' is continuing really well.

    Outside one of the pubs here yesterday lots of people were huddled in the large gazebo with their hoods up determined to have a pint no matter how cold it was, that's not for me at all. I'll wait for the warmer weather or the ability to sit indoors before I go out for a drink again, although to be honest it really holds no appeal now, I'd much rather be at home with a glass of wine.

  5. I hope Exeter was a successful venue for your holiday day out - and that the weather was kind. Here in Cornwall I spent a lovely couple of hours sitting in my garden with a book, enjoying the sunshine and birdsong . . . until my neighbour decided to enjoy his man-tools and erect a fence, hammering in posts, sawing wood, hammering nails, etc. Lovely afternoon ended - I retreated indoors!

  6. My jab on the 13th. I'm hoping I have no side effects too. Its Sunday today and at last the wind has subsided and it actually feels warm!


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