Wednesday, 12 May 2021

Scary thing done....well, delayed

 Had my 2nd jab yesterday.  In awe once again at just how efficient, smiley, friendly and kind everyone in the vax centres is - medical staff and volunteers alike.  They're all doing a wonderful job and I'm so grateful to have had both jabs now.  After the first jab (the Pfizer one), I had a bad headache and felt like I had flu for 2 days.....the flu-type feeling came on quite suddenly late in the afternoon, and went just as suddenly a couple of days later.  My arm was fine, a little sore but nothing to speak of.  Husband had a very sore arm and felt very tired and lightheaded after his first (he had the AstraZeneca), it only lasted a few hours.  

My arm's been very sore indeed since yesterday, it was painful to lie on it in bed (bit awkward, as my right hip is too sore to lie on for more than a couple of minutes, and the soreness in my jabbed - left - arm meant I couldn't lie on that side either).  It's still sore today, however I've had no other symptoms, no headache or flu-ey feelings.  Husband had no side effects at all after his 2nd jab a couple of weeks ago.

I'm glad I didn't feel too bad, as I had the dentist appointment this morning.  It's a new dentist (so something else to worry me!) as my last one left the practice last year, apparently....however, the new one, Laura, turned out to be very nice.  She wanted to take my wobbly tooth out, but I chickened out, just didn't feel up to it today.  Going back in a fortnight for it to be taken out, along with some gum work and x-rays, so I'll have to psyche myself up for that.  She said my gum disease has got a bit worse, but seeing as I'm supposed to go every 6 months for treatment and have missed 2 appointments because they weren't offering them due to Covid, it's hardly surprising.  Covid's got a lot to answer for.

I'm not feeling too good today - hardly any sleep last night what with sore arm and hip and worrying about the dentist, and stress/anxiety (amongst other things) making me feel jittery and tearful, so I might go up to bed for an hour or 2.  Husband can deal with the dinner, it's a cottage pie I made the other day so he's only got to warm it through and prep some green veg to go with it.


  1. I have my second AstraZeneca jab tomorrow morning. Hope you feel better soon.

  2. Well at least now you know the jabs are done and dusted, and that the soreness will go. I don't know if you've ever had a tooth out, but honestly, it's nothing to worry about. A numbing injection, then it's out in a second. The gap feels a bit strange for a while, but soon heals over. Do you use an electric toothbrush? My dentist recommended I use one, and now when I go he says my teeth/gums are fine. Might be worth a try. Hope you manage to get a rest. Sorry for the long ramble! xx

  3. Well done, Sooze. I hope you are sleeping sweetly as I type and wishing you luck for the dentist.
    I had my second jab this morning and have stuck the sticker in my diary (didn't get one last time!)


  4. Hope you got some rest, I always have jabs in my left arm, it's the side I have issues with, so everything is on one side, it's also the side I sleep on, so doesn't alway work well.

  5. Life seems to be like a pile of bricks, a bit unsteady and when one too many bricks are added the all fall down. Then you need to build them back up again only to find that they fall over again. That is how I feel at the moment.

  6. I bet it's a relief to know that your jabs are now up to date. Hopefully you haven't had any ill effects today.


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