Saturday, 29 May 2021

Caravan stuff

 I did some batch cooking yesterday - 5 sort of cottage pies, one for dinner last night, the other 4 for the freezer.  Instead of mash, I did macaroni cheese for the topping, for a change (had an open packet of macaroni that needed using up).  It was lovely.

A few of you have asked about caravan news.....well, there's not actually much to report right now.  We were supposed to be going to view the 2 empty vans on Monday, but the site owner has asked if we can postpone it to Wednesday instead, in view of Monday being Bank Holiday and the site being busy.  That's ok with us, if a little frustrating - more delay!  Never mind, it's only 2 days extra to wait.  Having had another informative chat with him, we now know a bit more about the two vans and are almost sure we'll have one of them - most likely the one that's already on the pitch we prefer with the fenced in garden.  

The van is apparently a good make, well equipped and better quality than the other one, although it does need a thorough deep clean, decorating and some updating.  No problem, we'll enjoy doing it.  The site owner knows a mobile carpet and upholstery cleaner in the nearby village, so we'll probably get him to come and clean the carpets/furnishings.  I've found a company online selling a big range of replacement loose covers for the sofas.  We'll probably have new curtains - if I can get them in appropriate sizes off the peg, so much the better - if not, we'll look at buying material and having them made.  I know there are seamstresses in the village here, I've seen them mentioned on our local FB pages.  

A contractor will have to come in to test and service the utilities/appliances and issue the appropriate certificates - the site owner will take care of that.  We'll do the decorating ourselves - I've chosen paint colours and wallpaper for a feature wall already, I have a clear idea of how I want everything to look.  Husband is leaving the choosing of that side of things to me, he knows I have a good eye for colour and what goes with what.

I have 5 of the big plastic storage boxes with lids, all full of kitchen and bathroom stuff, cleaning materials and decorating brushes etc, and a holdall full of towels and bedding, everything is under the beds or stacked on the bedroom floor at the moment.  So we're actually more or less ready to go, as soon as the contract is signed.

We're off to a car boot sale this afternoon, to see if we can pick up a few last bits we need.  


  1. You sound very well organised there, Sooze. I hope you can get cracking with it all soon, so you can enjoy the summer in your new to you caravan. Very excited for you both! xx

  2. Wow, you ate organised. I've seen so many caravan revamps in the Frenchic face book page. My daughter recently did her touring caravan. It looks lovely.

  3. Busy, busy. Sounds like fun , a new adventure.

  4. I'm really looking forward to seeing the transformation of the caravan. So exciting!

  5. A quick tip for getting your wallpaper to stay up on caravan walls is to use a base coat of PVA glue. Diluted about 50/50 with water and then left to dry overnight before wallpaper pasting as usual.

    If you just use wallpaper paste you might have my problem, which was hilarious but bloody annoying. It all stayed up just fine for about two weeks and then peeled off the wall in it's full lengths while I was sat watching television.

    It was funny to watch, once I got over the shock :-)


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