Saturday, 22 May 2021

Lovely first day

 Husband arrived at his daughter's at midday yesterday, he had an uneventful journey and only stopped once.  He's having a good time.  Apparently he's going out with his grandson today.  

I had an unexpected visit from my best friend yesterday afternoon, which was totally lovely.  I've been a bit stressed with caravan stuff the past few days, so seeing my friend cheered me up no end.

On the subject of caravan stuff.....I finally heard back from the site owner yesterday morning, and wasn't particularly pleased with what he said.  He's suddenly come up with another potential customer, who he says had expressed an interest in the pitch we're interested in before we came on the scene.  Funnily enough, he's not mentioned this person before....that's if they even exist.  He also said that prices of second hand vans are increasing rapidly.  Basically, I reckon he's using the fact that he knows we're very keen and is just trying to get more money out of us, and playing us off against this, possibly fictional, other interested party.  Well, I'm not playing that game - yes we'd dearly love a caravan there, but I'm not being drawn into paying out more than we can comfortably afford, and certainly not entering into some sort of competition with someone else who may not even exist!  I was very short with him and simply stated that we had agreed a maximum price, the cash is here waiting, we have all the caravan equipment we need and we're ready to go.  The rest is up to him.

Betty slept on my bed last night and was no trouble at all, other than waking me up with pins and needles in my feet during the night, as she was laying on them.  Oh, and she leapt off the bed and raced downstairs woofing not long after 4 am, she must have heard a noise (I didn't hear anything).  She soon came back up to bed though, and in fact is still up there now.  

I did 2 drawings yesterday, both need a bit of finishing off today, and I have an idea for my next drawing too.  I'll put the photos on when they're finished.

I had a lovely Ploughman's for my lunch yesterday.....goats cheese, sun blush tomatoes, rocket and gherkins with some sourdough bread - husband's not keen on sourdough.  For dinner I had posh (bought) fishcakes - salmon and smoked cod with a melting cheese middle, had them with salad.  Lunch today will probably be cheese on sourdough toast, dinner will be chorizo, potato and cheese frittata (husband doesn't like chorizo either) with chips and salad.

Thank goodness the gale force wind has dropped today, I got blown along the lane when taking Betty out yesterday - even she didn't want to stay out long and turned to go back home way before our normal end point.


  1. Ruby doesn’t mind this weather when out running around but getting her to go out in the pouring rain for a wee is a different matter. Such funny creatures.

  2. So pleased you've both had a lovely day. Isn't it wonderful to be able to meet up properly with friends and family? The site owner sounds like he's playing games. Best not to get involved. When we sold our last house, we'd agreed a price with one buyer, then the agent phoned me to say she'd had a ridiculous offer from another buyer. It was about £30k more than we were asking! I felt, if we went with them, once they'd knocked the original purchaser out of the picture, their offer would suddenly drop and they'd come up with all sorts of excuses to get the price down further. I don't play those sorts of games. If you don't get that caravan, there'll be others. Can't wait to see your new drawings. xx

  3. Oh that wind yesterday, it was crazy. We remained dry for the majority of the day with just a shower at 2PM. I dont blame you giving the caravan chap short shrift, that's disgusting. The trouble is it wrecks your confidence in someone.

  4. He's quite possibly telling the truth about the price of second hand AND new vans actually. I was looking at some yesterday on the park where I used to live and the prices have shot up both for the vans themselves and the yearly site fees, I was very surprised. I guess they are all taking advantage of all the folk staying in this country for holidays and wanting either new or used vans as an investment for future holidays.


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