Thursday, 20 May 2021

Looking forward to a peaceful and self indulgent weekend

 It's been a busy, but bitty day - bits of all sorts of things to do, nothing flowing seamlessly, and some frustrating stuff - along with the terrible weather.  Did washing this morning which had to be tumble dried, no chance of putting it on the line.  Then had to go and do a bit of shopping, whilst husband filled up the car with fuel, prior to his trip up to the Midlands tomorrow to stay with his daughter.  I went in M&S - couple of foodie things I particularly wanted in there, along with some flowers for husband's daughter.  I chose a bouquet wrapped in cellophane with a reservoir of water, packed in a paper bag, then went to join the queue at the tills.....only one cashier (a lady a bit older than me), and 2 people in front of me both with trolleyfuls of shopping (how anyone can afford to do a full week's shop there I don't know, although I do like their food, I only ever get a few bits).  They do of course have self-service tills, but something always seems to go wrong every time I use one (either user error, or the till just sees me coming πŸ˜‚), so I prefer not to use them.  The elderly lady in front of me took absolute ages to unload her shopping onto the till, then pack it all - and she refused help from the cashier.  And then she couldn't find her purse, and had a bit of a panic, before finding it at the bottom of one of her many bags.  I try to always be patient with elderly people - I used to go with my Mum to help her with her shopping when we lived up in the Midlands, and am always keenly aware that one day it'll be me holding everyone up!  Eventually she was done, and it was my turn - but the cashier's till roll had run out and she didn't have a spare underneath her till and had to ring for someone to come and find one for her, so more waiting.

Finally, she was ready.....and then, for some inexplicable reason, upon picking up the flowers first, she promptly turned them upside down! (perhaps she thought the bar code was on the bottom of the bag - it wasn't, it was on the side!) - the water poured out and she completely flooded her till, rendering it useless.  She attempted to mop it all up with yards of paper towel, apologising profusely, then when the till still wouldn't work, we had to move to another till.  Sigh....I really wished I hadn't gone in there.

Have got husband's bag etc sorted and packed.....checked his phone for credit and battery - it needed charging, he almost never remembers to charge it.  Sent his daughter a text asking her to make sure he takes all his meds, as he often forgets (I'll pack all his meds in the morning before he goes).  I'll also make him a flask of coffee to take with him....the journey, if done in one go, should take about 3-3.5 hours, but that's too much for him to cope with so he'll be stopping for a break a couple of times, he'll have a coffee and ring me each time he stops.

I've done the necessary housework, so can please myself what I do over the weekend.....I intend to do some more drawing.  I'll probably watch a couple of DVDs that I really like but husband doesn't....Mamma Mia 2 and Brokeback Mountain spring to mind.  And I'll eat when I feel like it, which will be a novelty - husband likes 3 meals a day, at set times.....I'm not much of a breakfast eater, and prefer to eat when I feel hungry.

Oh, and if I want Betty sleeping on my bed......I will do!  Although she'll probably keep me awake, she's a right fidget bum.  And she snores, and dreams a lot where she's clearly chasing things πŸ˜‚πŸ˜’


  1. Well, it sounds like you're all sorted for a quiet, relaxing weekend. It'll be nice for you to just please yourself what you do (or don't) and when you do it. It's just a shame the weather is set to be horrible, but maybe a couple of days snuggled on the sofa with Betty, watching old movies, is just what's needed. xx

  2. Hope your husband has a nice weekend with his family and a safe journey.

    I am sure you will enjoy time on your own and hope the weather is nice for you to get out into the garden.
    Hazel 🌈🌈

  3. That sounds like a lovely weekend for both of you. I too hope your hubby has a safe journey and a lovely time with his daughter.

  4. Enjoy your Me time and get rid ofyour stresses by cuddling Betty xx

  5. It sounds as though you have everything sorted for the weekend.

    The till adventure at M&S sounds like it could be made into a comedy sketch!!


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