Thursday 22 September 2022

Still veggie! (well, pescatarian)

 The local garden centre (local here to the park) has a big plant sale on, loads of their plants are half price or less.  They're an independent family owned one who grow most of their own plants rather than buying them in from abroad, so we're happy to support them - and their plants are lovely anyway, and reasonably priced even when not in the sale.  We popped in there this morning so I could get a few more plants for the new flower beds in the back garden at home.  I got a mix of low growing spreading plants and some small succulents for the rockery I'm planning for one of the beds.  I also got a pack of Spring bulbs for the same rockery bed - grape hyacinths, but a pretty dark purple with white edges rather than the normal pale to mid blue - I thought the darker colour would stand out better and be seen more easily from my kitchen window.

We've had a lovely week here, we've been really lucky with the weather during the day, although it is now noticeably cooler overnight and first thing in the morning.  Showers are forecast for tonight, which is fine as it'll save watering the plants - it should stop by tomorrow morning, when we're off home for the weekend.  I wonder what husband's daughter and SiL will make of the caravan and park when we bring them here for a look on Sunday?  They have a very modern home, aren't overly keen on gardening and go to places like DisneyWorld Florida for their holidays, so they're different to us.

After we got back from the beach yesterday late morning, Betty slept for the rest of the day, all that charging about and digging on the beach totally wore her out!  She did have a lovely time though, I do love to see her enjoying herself so much.

I've stuck to my vegetarian and mostly candida diet all this week, although have had a few (decaf and unsweetened) frothy coffees and a few slices of sourdough bread.  All seems to be ok, I haven't had any nasty reactions, so far so good.  I'm planning on having a seafood pasta salad tomorrow, using wholemeal pasta, hopefully that'll be ok.  I'm doing bbq pulled pork with spicy wedges, garlic bread and salad for husband and guests on Saturday - I won't be having any of that, I'll have veggie burgers with salad.  We're having Sunday lunch out with our guests, I've looked at the menu and there are several veggie and fish options for me, restaurants do seem to offer much more choice for vegetarians now.


  1. I hope we'll get some photos of your new flower beds once they're all planted up? Pretty please! Glad you're able to introduce a few more treats into your diet without undue side effects. It's a slow process, but worth it if you can narrow down the triggers. xx

  2. We went from Monday hitting 92F (33c) to frost warnings overnight and a high of just 63(17c). My dog loves the extra cool air.

  3. I live an hour and a half from Disney…went there often with our kids and grands…now I can’t do it…the family here with two little boys have never gone…too crowded…the family in Indy just spent a week there with grown daughters…sometimes my daughter and whoever comes with her drives over for the day when she visits from Indy. Lovely place…worth it…however not for me now…I may go for a day sometime with them.

  4. Just made the best cabbage soup…I like it with noodles or crackers…lasts forever…vegetarians have so many options…love love love your blog

  5. It sounds as though you are being very sensible and re-introducing your favourite foods back slowly. If you have any reaction, you should be able to pinpoint the guilty food straight away.

    I love it when the dogs have such a good time while they are out that they sleep like small children when they get home, usually dreaming all about their adventures too.


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