Wednesday, 14 September 2022


 I've now been doing the candida plan for 10 days, and am pleased to find that all my yeast infection symptoms - the oral thrush, red itchy rash, gut problems, achy joints, sinusitis, dandruff etc - are greatly reduced.  As a happy bonus, I've also lost 5lbs.  All this has encouraged me to carry on with this very restrictive plan for another week or two, to ensure the yeast overgrowth has stopped.  After that I'll start slowly reintroducing things to my diet, one thing at a time.  

I thought that one of the things I'd miss the most and be really keen to start having again would be my frothy coffees, the instant sachet type, I love them and had been having 3 or 4 a day.  Although I generally try to buy the unsweetened and decaffeinated ones, they're not always available.  But even the unsweetened ones contain some glucose, so I've been having a form of sugar even though I don't add sugar.  Well, for the past 10 days I've been having ordinary decaf coffee with unsweetened coconut or soya milk, 1 cup per day, although for the past 2 days I've had 2 cups.  Surprisingly (to me anyway) I actually like it, so probably won't go back to having the instant frothy coffees.  Which is also money saving as they're not cheap.  Soya milk is dirt cheap in Aldi or Lidl, and I managed to get a pack of 8 cartons of coconut milk from Amazon which were cheaper than in the shops.

I'm thinking that my first reintroduction will be sourdough bread, one slice every other day to start off with.  Husband generally has toast for breakfast and the smell of it is just so nice, I've nearly caved in a couple of times and had a slice, but resisted.  I'm also going to ensure I only buy proper sourdough, by reading the labels - some prepackaged so-called sourdoughs aren't real sourdough at all, they contain a long list of ingredients including yeast, which real sourdough doesn't have.  During the winter whilst we're not at the caravan, I think I'll start making sourdough again.


Whilst I have watched some of the Royal coverage every day, and read bits in the papers online, I am getting a bit fed up with the constant repetition of it all, and the ridiculous speculations the papers keep coming out with regarding William and Harry and their wives in particular.  I know they'll say anything to sell papers (not that I buy them anymore, nor pay to read them online - I only read free ones) but the fact is (and the papers seem oblivious to actual facts) that nobody except the Royals concerned knows how things will pan out between them all in the future.  And as for their constant claims that "an insider said" - just who are these 'insiders'?  They can't be Royal family friends or staff, I'm sure they'd be far too loyal to give gossip to the press.  I just feel terribly sad for the Queen's children in particular, and especially our new King, because they're having to undertake all these official duties whilst mourning their beloved mother under the gaze of the entire world.  No grieving in private for them, they're having to do it in full view of everyone - and who wants to be bursting into tears in the glare of thousands of cameras and on TV?  The time between a loved one's death and the funeral is pretty horrible for anyone, the Royals must be counting down the hours.  They'll be exhausted after this week, considering they're having to travel round the entire country and be in loads of different places every day.


  1. Oh, I'm so glad the new diet regime is working for you. It'll take a while to suss out the triggers, but well worth it. Like you, I feel the coverage is now becoming far too much. The TV companies seem to be interviewing anyone and everyone who met or saw the Queen, no matter where or when. I feel sorry for Charles and Camilla having to undertake all these duties, when they should be grieving. They must be exhausted. Grief is tiring enough and when you add in travelling round and having to be "on duty" all the time, it doesn't bear thinking about. xx

  2. Charles always said he would reduce the 'royal' family, time will tell. As for Harry and Megan, I wish the press would leave them alone, I know Megan comes from a world filled with media, the need as a actor to always be in the lime light, but all the speculation, is just that and most of us are not interested.
    I'm glad you have found a way to help relieve some of your health issues, I have similar issues and find my diet helps or hinders, and being able to adjust my diet to keep me well works, and allows me the freedom of choice.

  3. I'm so glad the change of diet is working for you. I think it was having multiple lattes many years ago after we were bought a coffee machine as a gift and walked the dogs on Llandudno prom clutching lattes from Costa almost every day that kick-started my dairy intolerance.

    Buying proper sourdough bread and even getting back to making your own sounds like a really good idea too.

  4. You have very strong willpower to persevere with such a restrictive diet (and even resisting the wonderful smell of toast - Mmmmmm) .and I'm so pleased to read that it is working for you. Very sensible to gradually re-introduce one thing at a time - I wish you well as you continue to improve.

  5. I sympathize with Harry at this time, however he has brought a lot of these problems on himself - he and Megan did not need to play the US media the way that they have, especially after saying that they wanted privacy after leaving active Royal duties. Over the past few years I have come increasingly to the opinion that Megan is an attention seeking hypocrite and no friend to Harry.
    I just hope that they go back to the US and the media just ignore them.

  6. I'm so glad the restrictive diet is having positive results. It's not easy, is it (mine was different for the gall bladder issues, but very restricted all the same) but I'm so glad I stuck to it. xx


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