Friday, 9 September 2022

A new era for the country, and for me

 I was 14 when my beloved grandmother died, I'm the eldest grandchild and had a very special relationship with her and was devastated when she died.  In a strange sort of way, it feels very similar now that our Queen has died.  I did actually see the Queen once - during the 1980s she was on a visit to the town where I lived and worked then, she was due to be driven past our office on her way to an engagement nearby and we were allowed to go out of the office and wave as she went past.  It was only a brief glimpse as the big black car went by, but I clearly remember thinking how small she looked.

I'm a staunch Royalist, always have been - the Queen has been a huge asset to this country and served us well her entire life, just as she vowed she would.  I'm sure she must have been in despair over the antics of some members of her family, but kept it all to herself and always behaved with the utmost dignity.  I think she gritted her teeth and hung on with absolute determination to see in the new Prime Minister, and then thought 'Right that's it, my job is done'.  How many people work when they're 96, and do a job where the eyes of the whole country, or even the world, are on you?  I'm glad she lived long enough to see her 70th Jubilee celebrations, a huge milestone for her.  

So now we have King Charles III.  I hope people will be kind to him and give him a chance.  I feel he's been a bit out of touch with common people in the past, but he's a good, kind, well-meaning, deep thinking man who I am certain will do his utmost best for this country.  And Camilla is a massive asset - I didn't think much of her at first, but she's grown hugely in my estimation....she's kept quiet, not put a foot wrong since marrying Charles and is the perfect partner for him.


The vegetable rissoles and nut roast I made the other day are a huge hit - husband wanted to try one of the rissoles and said it was really nice, which it was.  The nut roast (the mixture made 2 of them, 10 portions in all) is absolutely blimmin delicious, if I do say so myself.  So, along with several portions of fish and loads of veggies and pulses, I have plenty of stuff in the freezer for my new way of eating.


  1. I agree wholeheartedly with you. The Queen, like her parents, always put her country first. She always showed dignity and grace, unlike some of the minor royals. I think Charles has the same qualities, and Camilla has shown herself to be a perfect consort for our new king. It's just a shame he wasn't allowed to marry her initially, instead of Diana. But, that's a lot of water under the bridge.
    Glad you and hubby enjoyed the veggie rissoles and nut roast. xx

  2. Well said, I wish Charles every sucess. Born with a destiny he could not avoid or evade, life may have been very frustrating for him at times.
    I agree with HH, always thought it was tragic he was not allowed to be with Camilla when they first met.

  3. In our modern world, people have affairs and divorce, but sadly the scale of which they both deceived Diana, sticks, and then he refused to allow her to keep HRH, which would have given her protection, that sticks. Our Queen was such a powerful force, she did everything with dignity and love of her country and people. I think Charles is selfish and he meddles. He has to earn my respect, as for his consort, I will never like her.

  4. Diana was the scapegoat, needed to provide an heir and a spare. Blunt but true. Camilla was not considered suitable to marry Charles - but it's apparent now (hindsight is a wonderful thing) that they would have had a happy & enduring marriage. That poor man has spent his whole life being trained to be King one day and now at an age when most men look forward to a relaxing retirement, he becomes King.
    I also feel sorry for Liz Truss who couldn't have had a worse start to her Premiership.

  5. I think Charles & Camilla are the perfect couple. Diana was no angel but hysteria swept the nation as usual.

  6. It is sad…she was unique…I liked Diana…prayers for their family…

  7. The same day she met with your new Prime Minister she sent a letter just after to my province saying she was praying and was heartbroken over the stabbings and deaths of 11 people on one of our reserves here. Very kind and loving of her.

    God bless.


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