Sunday 25 September 2022

The weekend

 Had a busy couple of days with husband's daughter and SiL visiting, they've gone home now.  We took them to see the arty oil platform monstrosity at Weston - they were just as impressed as we were 😂😂  They like our caravan, but thought the park was a bit too quiet for their liking - no pub, clubhouse or swimming pool etc.....which, funnily enough, is exactly the reason why we DO like it so much!  

We had Sunday lunch in the pub next door (why would we need a pub onsite when there's one literally next door to the park?).  We all had roast dinners, the boys had beef, stepdaughter and I both had gammon.  I didn't fancy the vegetarian option of some kind of fake chicken thing, so decided on the gammon.....when it arrived, there was an absolute mountain of meat on the plate, and it was thick cut (when I did eat meat I always preferred it thinly cut).  I ate one small piece of the gammon and that was it, I really didn't fancy anymore.  So that's certainly confirmed for me that I no longer want to eat meat.  Fortunately there were tons of veggies - too much, in fact, I only ate half of what was on my plate.  I always think it's such a shame that restaurants - and pubs seem to be the biggest offenders - serve up such massive portions that lots of people just don't finish their meals - what a waste of food.  I could have asked for the leftovers to be boxed up, I suppose (the others left some of their meals too), but quite honestly, some of it wasn't cooked terribly well.  The peas were like bullets - actually, they always seem to be in restaurants, how come they can't cook them for longer?  The carrots were well and truly overcooked, they were like mush.  The Savoy cabbage, which I love normally, was watery and consisted mostly of stalk rather than leaf.  However, the roast potatoes and honey roast parsnips, root vegetable mash and Yorkshires were delicious.  So 10/10 for the veggies I ate, only 3/10 for the rest of them.  And we certainly couldn't complain about the amount of meat served....well, other than it being far too much for me.

Unfortunately, we happened to be seated next to a large group of family members round one big table - 5 adults and 5 or 6 children ranging in age from a toddler to young teens.  They were noisy and had no table manners, even the adults (so the children were never going to be well mannered).  We were glad when they left.  I didn't envy the waiting staff having to clear up the mess they'd left on the table and floor - the smallest child, in a high chair, was just throwing handfuls of his food on the floor.

Oh well, daughter and SiL seemed to enjoy themselves, and I didn't have to cook (or wash up!).

We're staying here at the park now until the end of the week.....although the weather doesn't look very good for Friday, so we may go home on Thursday.  I feel quite worn out after the weekend - having guests certainly takes it out of you - not only the extra work involved, but just having to, well, talk and be attentive all the time!  I think I should be a hermit 😂


  1. Yes, I think I'd prefer your caravan site, too. Our son and DIL have been staying with us for a few days. Lovely to see them but we're ready for them to go home (tomorrow). Mind you, I suspect they've had enough of us too! I don't know which is worse, huge plates of food that a navvy would struggle to eat, or the arty-farty, carefully arranged, minuscule portions that some restaurants serve and charge a fortune for! xx

  2. Oh Sooze, I can commiserate on your last point - a hermit's life would suit me, too. Thank goodness you have your caravan and the quiet park.

  3. There is a clubhouse here at condos…I have never attended anything in 18 months…two pools…been in a couple of times with family in shorts and top…son has a huge pool…been in once since I moved here
    I agree with you…even if Covid were over, I would not want to attend

  4. Having to be "on" is exhausting. It sounds like you made the most of the visit. Take home containers are a big thing in USA. Every restaurant competes with ridiculous sized portions. We liked our meals in France. They were reasonably priced and sized.

  5. Your caravan park sounds peaceful and restful, I would like it, and a pub nearby, that sounds convenient.

  6. I think I could quite happily be a hermit too. In fact, we could all live in Hermits Row and just wave at each other as we walk past with our respective dogs.

  7. Wannabe hermit here too! If we've had a busy day or two with family, I need to retreat into my bubble to recover.


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