Tuesday, 27 September 2022

Coming back sooner than expected

 We're going home tomorrow, both the van neighbours are going home and there's almost nobody else here, so we may as well.  Husband will be bored to death otherwise.  And we'll have plenty to do at home - the decorator is coming next Monday to do the hall, stairs and landing - no idea if he's painting all the doors (6 of them) as well, husband forgot to ask him 😒  So we'll have to clear out everything under the stairs - including a boxful of car parts husband bought for a previous car and never got round to using!  The coats and coat rack in the hall will have to come down, the hall cupboard moved into the lounge, the cupboard full of my craft stuff and the ottoman with spare bedding that are on the landing will have to be found temporary homes in the bedrooms.  And all the pictures taken down off the walls, and curtains and blind off the hall and landing windows (having only recently put them back up after the new windows went in).

We're coming back to the van on Sunday afternoon - there's no way I can have Betty indoors whilst the decorator is there, and as we only have 1 loo and it's upstairs in the bathroom, we'd have to be asking the decorator to move out of the way every time we need to go.  Husband will go home early Monday morning and stay there, although he may come back to the van in the evening, not sure yet.

I'll have to bring plenty of warm clothes back here, it's got very cold suddenly, it's soup and stew weather now.  I'm crocheting another lap blanket, so at least that'll keep me warm whilst I'm doing it.  I'll bring the slow cooker with me and make a veggie stew and dumplings, that'll do us for 2 days.


  1. It always amazes me how decorating even one room means the whole house is a mess. A good idea to keep out of the way while the decorator is there. Crochet blankets and warm stews sound perfect - and there's always Betty to cuddle to keep warm! xx

  2. Hopefully you get some nice weather when you go back to the van. Lots of nice hearty soups and stews sound perfect.

    God bless.


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