Friday, 23 September 2022

Irritating things

 We're home now, until Sunday.  I didn't want to come home, but as we have visitors arriving tomorrow morning, who are staying overnight, we had to.  I brought home one load of washing and put it straight in on a quick wash, then put it in the dryer as it was quite cloudy out and I need it dried quickly.  Huh, the dryer packed up after about 10 mins.....I wasn't really surprised, it's been making a hell of a racket for weeks, not that I've used it that much.  Well, I won't be getting it repaired for a 3rd time, nor buying a new one.  Fortunately, the sun has come out so the washing's gone on the future, I'll be watching the weather and only doing wash loads when there's a good chance of it drying outside.

Just spent a frustrating nearly an hour trying to access our Premium Bonds account - they've changed the log in process since I last went on there (some time ago, admittedly) and try as I might, my blimmin computer wouldn't allow me to get onto the website.  After a bit of googling, it appears that they now only allow access via certain browsers, and up to date versions of those browsers as well.  I didn't even know what version my browser is, or how to look up that info! (complete technophobe), so more googling.  I found that my browser (Microsoft Edge) IS one of the acceptable browsers, AND it's up to date - yet I still couldn't log in to the site, it kept telling me that my browser wasn't supported.  So I tried husband's desktop, which isn't as high-tech as my laptop - and got in straight away.  Go figure 😒.  I then went to sign in to our Patient Access account to reorder our meds, and had to make sign in attempts 4 times, it just wouldn't give me access to that either - and yet I entered exactly the same info every time.  It's done now.  I hate technology.

Now have to go shopping, another job I hate.  Husband did volunteer to do it, but it means me re-writing the shopping list in big letters so he can read it, and explaining exactly what I want (he'll never remember anyway), and what to get in substitution if they don't have what I want (he won't remember that either and will be ringing me every 5 mins).  It's easier to just go myself.

Both our Covid and flu jabs are booked for next month - on different days, I don't want them both on the same day.  Betty's got a grooming appointment, and we're having the home boiler serviced as well, and a decorator approved by the Landlord is coming to assess what needs doing (the hall, stairs and landing).  So working out when we can go back to the van for the final time and to put it to bed for this year is a bit difficult, but I think I've identified a few days when we've nothing on.  We will be back there next week of course, but I do want to go again in October to close up.

It rained quite a bit last night, and when it stopped rain was drip-drip-dripping off the next door van's roof onto something metal for blimmin ages afterwards, it seemed so loud.  And Betty, who was asleep in her bed at the foot of my bed, was having some very woofy dreams, and when she wasn't woofing in her sleep, she was snoring loudly, so I didn't get a lot of sleep.  Early night tonight then.

Has anyone seen that old oil rig so-called 'art' installation on Weston super Mare beach that's been shown on the news?  We went to see it the other day, you can't miss it, it's absolutely massive.  It's the biggest (literally and figuratively) monstrosity (it's called See Monster) I've ever seen - it looks exactly what it is, a huge old rusting decommissioned oil rig plonked on the beach, with water pouring out of it and some trees scattered around on the top.  Whatever possessed anyone to think it would be worthy of being called ART I don't know, I reckon someone somewhere is laughing their socks off thinking how clever they are to make gullible people think it's art just because they say so.  It must have cost an absolute fortune - and it's only temporary!! (thank goodness, but what a waste of money - in my opinion).  Apparently, it's being broken up and bits recycled in November.  Sometimes, artists just leave me utterly baffled - like Tracy Emin's Unmade Bed, e.g.  I just don't get it, I must be an uneducated Philistine!


  1. I've been trying to access our NS&I account for over a week now. They've changed the log in process, and to cut a very long story short, I'm now waiting for a second temporary password, so I can get hold of MY money! Aaaaargh! I saw that art installation on TV. Like you, I don't get it. Some, I do get. We live a few miles from Anthony Gormley's Another Place, and that is quite spectacular and seems to improve with age. I've got my invite to book my Covid booster. I'm waiting to see if hubby gets his, so I can book them together, but, sod's law, his will come as soon as I book mine! xx

  2. Ha ha! When I saw that Oil Rig 'ART' installation on TV, my first thought was to compare it to Tracy Emin's Unmade Bed! I reckon they just wanted somewhere to park the flippin' thing until they could get round to scrapping it. Mind you, I have a broken metal frame in my back garden and now I'm wondering if the Council would admire an 'installation' in the park across the road.????? Completely free of charge?

  3. Have not seen it but you made me chuckle.

  4. We saw that arty thing on TV the other night. I kinda liked it to be honest.

  5. Speaking of ridiculous art I live in Petaluma California and some eejit in power spent a fortune on an art instatllation- bathtubs on stilts. They look ridiculous and I'm sure our artist is laughing all the way to the bank.


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