Sunday 5 February 2023

Oh dear oh dear

 Some time in the next few weeks we'll have a visit to Taunton, there's a Lakeland shop there where I can see their range of air fryers.  There's also a big charity second hand furniture shop, which sells good quality furniture, they generally have a good range of sofas there.  We definitely want to get rid of our big 3-seater sofa and get a 2-seater sofabed instead, both because it will be a better fit in a smaller lounge, and give extra sleeping accommodation when we have guests.  Our present lounge isn't very big in any case, and the sofa does dominate the room a bit.  As husband and I both have recliner armchairs, the only one who sits on the sofa regularly anyway is the dog!  It's a bit daft really her having a big 3-seater all to herself...although she does like to stretch out on it, but she's only a medium sized dog.

Yesterday husband decided as the weather was warmer and he was feeling alright, he'd make a start on decluttering the utility room.  He made good inroads into it, and it now looks much tidier and there's a lot more space where he's got rid of a load of stuff.  Still more to do in there, but that's fine, he can do it at his leisure.  I sorted through some of the kitchen wall cupboards - a big corner one and 2 single ones.  Somewhat embarrassingly, I found right at the back of the corner cupboard (which I can only reach by standing on a stool) some packets of dried savoury rice, couscous and sauces that were several years old (2015 and 16!!  Don't judge me!! 😂😂).  The contents were solid, not freeflowing, so I just binned them unopened.  Ditto with several jars of herbs and spices - so old they no longer had any aroma.  Now the cupboards are wiped out and the (usable) contents put back, so they're streamlined, put in a sensible order and I can see clearly what they are.  I shall be keeping a closer eye on the stuff in future.  I've just got the baking cupboard (a big double cupboard), a single cupboard full of dried pulses, rice etc and another with hot drinks (teas, coffees, malted milk & chocolate, herbal & fruit teas) to do, then that's the kitchen cupboards all done.  I also made dog food yesterday morning.  We had the afternoon off, husband wanted to watch the Six Nations anyway.

Today husband says he's going to continue with the utility room and I'll sort the remaining kitchen cupboards.  I'm doing a turkey mince and macaroni cheese bake in the Multichef for dinner, it's quick and easy to prepare and I won't have to stand over it, just some green veggies to go with it.

Briony, husband has been on a statin for years, so it's unlikely to be that affecting him.  It's more likely to be his new heart meds, although he has been on those for a couple of months now so I'd have thought any side effects would be wearing off by now.  We will definitely be going to see his GP this week, we'll ring them tomorrow.  Obviously, I'm a bit worried about Alzheimers or Parkinsons, but we'll see what the GP has to say.

It's been a difficult few days for one reason or another, I am SO ready to go back to my beloved caravan.  Even if it is just for a few hours here and there to begin with.  Just 24 days to wait.


  1. Yes, definitely get husband checked. With medication it's generally a case of trial and error, so hopefully a change of meds will put him right.
    I don't think any of us will judge you for the "well past their date" foodstuffs. I know, I for one, have found packets and jars lurking in the cupboards that are so old, I don't think they sell them anymore!
    Sorry you've had a difficult few days, still, 24 days isn't very long at all. Before you know it, you'll be unlocking the caravan again. xx

  2. Corner cupboards are terrible for hiding things from view and reach aren't they. I would rather than two small flat fronted cupboards and a gap in the corner any day.

  3. I found a few surprises as well when I was cleaning my cupboards. No judgement here. I would definitely get your hubby checked, just to be on the safe side.

    God bless.


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