Wednesday, 15 February 2023

Lovely sofa bed coming

 Thank you for the comments.  Re husband - yes it could be partly to do with his meds, he's actually always had a big appetite but his hunger does seem to have increased recently.  Hopefully, if it's medication related, it'll wear off will his balance and memory issues with any luck.

We bought an absolutely gorgeous dark red leather sofa bed yesterday, from FB marketplace.  It's exactly what I was looking for, it's in excellent hardly used condition (it was in a guest room and has been slept on just 5 times) and has a really nice sprung mattress.  The lady is selling it as she's now going to use the guest room as a dog grooming parlour, she had some of her new equipment in boxes waiting to be set up.  The price we paid was, in my view, a bargain - I didn't even haggle.  Husband is collecting it Thursday afternoon, he's hired a van......funnily enough, from the local van hire company who say on their website that they don't hire to over-70s.  Husband rang and asked them - they said actually they do in some circumstances and the person must have a clean licence - they just don't advertise the fact.  So at least we can get rid of the old big 3-seater sofa to the tip at the same time.  Husband will ask our lovely kind helpful neighbour to give him a hand.

I've been doing the 2 exercises the physio gave me for my hip.....I'm supposed to do them twice a day, but don't always remember!  I think they may be helping a bit, my hip hasn't been consistently painful 24/7 the last few days, although obviously it's nowhere near cured.

The lemon drizzle cakes I made in 2 1lb tins instead of one 2lb one came out well in the AF - although could have done with a minute or 2 more.....I did them on the cake pre-programme.  All trial and error at the moment.  I did frozen hash browns in the AF to go with dinner, they were really good, nice and crispy all round.  Today it'll be jacket potatoes, precooked and frozen ones, I'll cook them for a few minutes this morning, leave them to cool then halve, mash and add cheese, sun dried tomatoes and basil, refill the cases then heat up in the AF for dinner this evening, to go with salad.  I really like the AF, it's so versatile.  I've ordered a silicone sling thing, it's coming today, to make it easier to get hot dishes out of the AF, I've already had minor burns a couple of times trying to lift things out - my oven gloves are too thick so I've been making do with a folded tea towel.

07.15 and it's already very light outside, I'm loving these longer days and all the Spring flowers beginning to bloom now everywhere we go.

Have a good day all.


  1. You do sound full of the joys of spring today, Sooze! Good news about the sofa bed, and your husband can kill two birds with one stone, too. I'm glad you're enjoying your AF. I did a sort of stir fry last night. Onion, carrot, courgette, red pepper, mushroom, tomato and tofu. Sprinkled with soy sauce, it was yummy. It's just a matter of timing and working out when to add things that'll cook at different speeds. I even saw some cherry blossom yesterday. My cherry tree is still in bud, but it won't be long. Oh, I love spring! xx

  2. Birds woke me up at 06:30 this morning!

  3. Brilliant to get such a lovely sofa bed and at a reasonable price too. It really is worth looking around, isn't it?
    I have those silicone things that go over fingers and thumb and find the great for lifting things out of Nellie. I also found a sort of 'thing' that clips onto the side of the dish to lift it out and find it very good. Here's the link to Amazon.

  4. Great buy on the sofa bed. I am glad your Air Fryer is doing what you want from it.

  5. Great news that you found a good sofa, it's always worth checking the sales pages on FB Marketplace isn't it. And even better news that you now have a way to get rid of the old sofa too.


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