Wednesday, 22 February 2023

Ghostly figures in the dark

 I forgot to take my shopping list yesterday, but fortunately managed to remember pretty much everything on the list, with a couple of additions!  The only thing I forgot was some dried sage, which I use a lot, it being one of my favourite herbs.

One of the extra things I bought yesterday was.....another air fryer, a smaller (1 basket) one for the caravan.  It's a perfect size for the van and I'm looking forward to using it there.  I'll test it out here today, just to make sure it works ok.  Speaking of the van, I now have everything packed and ready to take back there next week, can't wait for next Wednesday.  Our intention is to go for day trips there a couple of times a week until the weather is warm enough for us to start staying over.

Husband had a letter yesterday saying how much his state pension is going up in April, we were both pleasantly surprised, it's certainly a lot more than the, frankly, pitiful amount it went up last year.  However, any increase is a welcome one of course, we count ourselves very fortunate.  We did start watching Martin Lewis, the money expert's, programme about pensions a couple of nights ago but eventually gave up - it's all so impossibly complicated (well, it is to me) and quite honestly, his voice and manner irritate the life out of me.

I was closing my bedroom curtains last night after dark and had a bit of a shock - there was a figure in a yellow jacket (a man, judging by his height) wandering around in the field at the back, he had a torch but seemed to be wandering quite aimlessly.  I then spotted an illuminated strip darting around - it turned out to be one of our neighbours, with his dog - a black spaniel, wearing a flashing collar.  The field is pitch black at night, what on earth possessed the chap (he's 70) to be walking his (black and practically invisible) dog in a very lumpy and tractor-rut-filled field in the dark I don't know.....must be mad.  Supposing he fell over, hit his head and knocked himself out, or broke a leg?  Who would know he was there, it was quite by chance that I happened to spot him as I was closing the curtains.  He's married, but I doubt his wife (my hairdresser neighbour who's the same age as me) would want to be looking for him in a dark field if he didn't come home!  Bonkers.

I tried to sign into our housing account yesterday to look at this week's available bungalows, but the account wouldn't let me in, it came up as 'account not found' 😮.  No idea why, perhaps it's just a glitch on the website, I've emailed the housing dept just in case.


  1. Here's hoping it was just a glitch! We got the pension letters, too, yesterday and it really p***es me off! I worked for more years than my husband, so paid more contributions, and I get about £5 a week less than him. I did check it out online, and it's all pukka ( I can't remember the reasoning). It really is a man's world though! I find ML irritating, too. He's trying to get a serious message across, but has to make it like a game show. As for your neighbour, rather him than me, wandering round a muddy field in the dark. xx

    1. Yes it was a glitch, I can sign in today, thank goodness. That's pants about your pension, how unfair. xx

  2. I got my letter yesterday with my pension increase, I get more than my hubby, but he pays tax on his because he has other private pensions. I stopped listening and watch Martin Lewis, like you feel about him, he irritates me.

  3. So glad it was just a glitch and you can get in again now. I'm quite pleased with my pension increase too although some will come off as tax, taken off my teacher's pension. Still - fortunate to need to pay tax, I guess. xx

  4. Glad it was a glitch. I have to admit that I go out in the dark. Of course, there are lights, but I do go to trash a million times a day, to get my steps and miles...I bet the neighbors in this complex think I should not be out at my age. LOL...Won't be long...that summer home is calling. Take some puzzle books...some books to read...a comfy lawn chair...a cozy throw...relax and relax...

  5. Glad to read that it was just a glitch in the program.

    Sounds as if you are almost ready to get to the caravan. Enjoy your day trips for the first while.

    God bless.


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