Sunday, 26 February 2023

Earwigs, silverfish and Russian salad

Thank you for all the comments (and Gemma's Person, bless you!)

Slightly more interesting things to talk about today! 😁

This morning there was an earwig in the bath - not for the first time.  I always wonder where they come from and how they get in there....well, I know they can climb, of course, so that's self explanatory I guess.  But their usual habitat is in the garden hiding in a flower head isn't it, so what's so irresistible about my bathroom?  Years ago when we were children, we used to get loads of silverfish - I have no idea of their real name, but they were tiny little silver, fish-shaped insects, hence why they were called that I suppose.  They would all be on the fire hearth in the living room first thing in the morning and would scatter madly when anyone came into the room.  We sometimes get the odd one or two of those in the bathroom too, along with moths, we seem to get plenty of them.  At least it was an earwig and not an 8-legged thing!  Any beasties get washed down the plughole, I'm not sharing my shower with anything!

I've written the new menu plan, incorporating lots of protein (meat for husband, fish or cheese or eggy things for me) and mostly non-carby veggies.  Saturday evenings we have something takeaway-ish out of the freezer, so I don't have to cook - usually something like a pizza or Southern fried chicken strips or fish in batter (if we didn't have that on Friday), all usually with chips, or a curry with rice.  Yesterday we had the Southern fried chicken, but with salad instead of chips.  Along with the lettuce, tomatoes and cucumber, I made a Russian salad.  Somebody on a blog mentioned Russian salad the other day, so sorry but I can't remember who.  It's something we used to have when we were kids at home, loved it but I don't think I've had it since.....cubed potatoes, carrots and peas in a mustard mayo dressing.  Ok, I know they're carby veggies, but better than chips and we didn't have mounds of it, just a tablespoonful each.  It made a nice change.

Today for Sunday lunch (actually, it's dinner, we'll be having it later on) husband is having belly pork, I'll be having the last piece of my homemade nut roast.  I shall be doing roast potatoes - a Sunday roast requires them doesn't it?!  We'll also have cauliflower cheese, tenderstem broccoli, peas and sprouts.  No stuffing or Yorkies though, to cut back the carbs.

Tomorrow morning husband has the dentist (just a check up), I'll get him to drop me off at the supermarket so I can stock up on more fresh veggies.  I've run out of fresh salmon and canned tuna, so will get more of those.  Tuesday I have my physio....the exercises seem to be doing some good, my hip is noticeably less painful and stiff, most of the time, although it still lets me know about it when I've been on my feet for a long time or done a fair bit of walking.  And then Wednesday is Caravan Day! 😁👍😍 


  1. In our first flat together, other half and I used to have silverfish. Harmless but not nice and I think it was because the flat was rather damp and very old. xx

  2. I hate finding "things" in the house. Makes me shiver just thinking about it! I remember finding a snail in one of my kitchen cupboards. Must've crawled in through a gap around one of the water pipes. As you can imagine, that cupboard and everything in it got a very good scrub!
    Glad the physio is helping. The warmer weather (when it finally arrives) must help too. I can't believe it's caravan day this week. It only seems like s few days since you were saying it was 30 something days. I'm getting excited - you must be fit to burst! xx

  3. I spied a slug trail on Alan's living room carpet the other day and we followed it until we found a really big slug on his skirting board ... how that got in we have no idea. This morning I found a skinny black worm on my tiled floor, it made me laugh as it was in the shape of a question mark ... obviously it was asking how it had gotten itself there too. It was quickly relocated to somewhere more worm friendly.

  4. Your title made me shudder; I was expecting a recipe for dinner.
    Slugs! Eugh!!! I find them in my kitchen near the door. Yet the door is a tight fit with a rubber seal all round. How on earth do they get in? It's only in the summer after it's been raining, but not in the cold weather. I guess they will be visiting again soon!


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