Friday, 17 February 2023


 The lovely leather sofa bed is here.  It had to be dismantled and reassembled to get it into the lounge (fortunately it was actually designed to be dismantled if necessary), but husband managed with the help of two good of whom had just popped round for a coffee (bet he wished he hadn't haha).  It's really nice, I'm so glad we got it, and Betty clearly approves - she slept on it all evening.  It is very comfy.  The old sofa has gone to the tip, and the hired van back to the hire people.  

Betty claimed it already!

We had another pleasant surprise yesterday - an email to say that we've been given £200 by the Government to go towards our heating oil costs, it's gone into our electricity account, not sure why.  I was totally not expecting that, so it's most welcome.

I'm almost loath to say it, but everything is going so well for us at the moment, I'm pleased to say - I am stress-free, not worrying about anything at all, all of our plans seem to be coming to fruition - or already have.  Our health conditions are being well managed, the sorting and decluttering is going well, our savings accounts (I have 3, all for different purposes, plus 2 current accounts again both for different purposes) are all looking very healthy.  Family members are all well and enjoying their lives.  The car is trouble-free, having had a bit of work done on it recently to fix an issue....and that didn't even cost as much as we had thought, seeing as cars - well, our previous cars anyway - can often be money pits.

It's actually quite scary that things are going so well - with my track record, I wouldn't be at all surprised for it all to come crashing down around my ears sooner or later ๐Ÿ˜ฒ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚.  Of course, I hope it doesn't!

And the week after next, we'll be back at the caravan.....which I am hoping has successfully survived the winter with no problems.  No reason why it shouldn't have, it did the previous year, and for a couple of years prior to our ownership when it was totally neglected.


  1. I'm glad that things are going well for you - long may that continue!

  2. Well the new sofa has certainly got Betty's seal of approval! Yes, it's always scary when things go well, but it's about time you had some good things happening. Enjoy the feeling! I can't believe how quickly the time is going. You'll soon be in your caravan, opening it up and enjoying it. Let's hope the weather is good so you can at last spend some time there. xx

  3. Be positive Sooze, I think we go through times when everything seems to go wrong but hopefully you are out the other side now.

  4. I know what you mean about your well being, I am the same this year, each week I look out for things to bring me down. Enjoy this special time whilst it last, I am.

  5. And to cap it all the days are getting longer and the sun keeps breaking through and giving us a glimpse of Spring on it's way.

    Hopefully you are now climbing out of the depths of despair that you felt you were in a couple of weeks ago. You have put lots of effort into getting things to go right, so just enjoy it now that it's happening.

  6. The sofa bed is beautiful and just the right size for Betty.

  7. Betty is TRYING to claim the whole couch I see...she is longer than ever spread out there. Gorgeous couch as well.

  8. We are entitled to the £200 as well but as yet, haven’t heard anything. How ridiculous the electric companies are getting the benefit. Don’t understand why we don’t get it as an oil coupon to give to our oil company.

  9. It's lovely and good that it has been Betty-approved. Where are you going to sit? :-)

  10. I would say enjoy it while it’s here. In my experience, life is a series of peaks and troughs. Love the new sofa.


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