Saturday, 18 February 2023

Idiot-proof phone, AF and getting supplies ready

 This morning we've had to go to town to get husband a new mobile phone, as his has finally given up the ghost after about 10 years!  He only uses his phone for texts (receiving, he doesn't send any!) and calls and taking the occasional photo, so didn't need an all-singing, all-dancing one.  We went to a phone shop and explained what he wanted (a simple idiot-proof one), and the charming young man picked out a nice fairly basic Galaxy one for him, he even fitted husband's SIM card into it and gave a brief demonstration of how it worked.  I've added his most used contact numbers for him, and a photo of Betty for his home screen.  I also set a ring tone, after he chose one from the options.  That's all he needs really.  

Betty certainly seems to love the new sofa, she's stretched right out on it again.  I must get some new throws for it, to keep it clean.  For those who were wondering, husband and I both sit on recliner chairs, so Betty has the sofa all to herself.

Well we've had the air fryer for a week now and I've used it every day, not used the main oven at all.   So far I've made cakes twice, cooked chips and hash browns, cauliflower cheese, fish cakes, cottage pie and fish pie.  Today we're having battered fish and chips, tomorrow I'm doing chicken pieces and roast potatoes and carrots.  Green veg I do on the hob or in the microwave.  I'm still learning with the AF, but love it and can't imagine having to use the main oven again, unless I was cooking for a crowd.  I shall definitely get a smaller one for the caravan.

Just 11 days to go now until caravan day.  I shall spend this coming week gathering together the supplies to take over to the van on the 1st, ready for when we start staying over there again.  I'm looking forward to seeing the garden and all the bulbs I planted in pots and the 2 beds, before we left last October.  I'll definitely get geraniums and petunias to plant up there again, last year they put on a wonderful display and flowered their hearts out all summer.  I think we might get a gazebo for the caravan garden this year, the garden gets the sun most of the day and is too hot for both Betty and I.  We do have a large garden sunshade umbrella thing, but a gazebo would give better shade coverage I think.  


  1. We both have "dumb" phones, as I don't think we'd get the use out of smart phones. We only switch them on to contact/be in contact with, the kids when we're on our way to theirs. Like you, though, I have to show hubby how to add phone numbers or read messages. Men! Betty has certainly commandeered the new sofa bed. What will she do when you have visitors staying? They'll get a shock when she joins them in bed!🤣
    Spring is starting to spring - I spotted a couple of daffs about to open up in the garden. Oh, I do love this time of year. I hope you have pots of colour to greet you at the caravan. A gazebo is a good idea, it will cover more of the garden than a parasol. xx

    1. Parasol!! That's the word, I could only think of umbrella this morning, haha (blonde moment). Betty sleeps on my bed at night, so visitors should be safe!

    2. Not just blonde - I frequently have those senior moments, as dear old Terry Wogan used to call them! xx

  2. Have you got a whirligig in the caravan garden to dry the washing? In sunny weather, I drape a cotton throw over mine and peg it down all around. Gives excellent shade - and much cheaper than a gazeb!
    I can feel the excitement at preparing for the caravan breaks and envisaging all those lovely flowers.
    So glad you're enjoying the Air Fryer, too. Brilliant, aren't they?

    1. Yes we have, but it's only a little camping one so not really big enough to sit underneath! Good idea for the home garden though. Kids would love it as a tent!

  3. I am glad that you found a phone suitable for your Hubby. Sometimes simple is very hard to find.

    Wow, caravan time is really getting close.

    God bless.


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