Monday, 20 February 2023

Time to resume sorting/decluttering

 I didn't post yesterday because I had nothing newsworthy to say - it was just a normal quiet Sunday.  I did several little jobs in the morning, felt like I'd been on the go for hours but actually had little to show for it.  Cleaned the bathroom, shifted a few things around in my bedroom, sorted out a washload, got husband to go through some stuff on a shelf by his desk.  Prepped veg and cooked dinner - chicken pieces, spuds and carrots roasted in the AF, green veg in the microwave.  Wrote a menu plan for this week.  Gathered together some supplies for the caravan.....toiletries, cleaning supplies and some tinned food.  Bedding and towels all packed ready to go.  Now I can finally say it's next week we're going back!

We've got a fairly quiet week, husband has his diabetic review (he's only borderline diabetic, not even on any meds) on Thursday but that's it for appointments this week, for a change.  So I might do some sorting and decluttering upstairs, we've not really done much upstairs as yet.  Husband could carry on with the utility room, he started a week or so ago but never finished it.  I need to make some more dog food, Betty had her last homemade one yesterday.  I've got two packs of turkey mince in the freezer, I might make a big batch of something or other.....chilli, lasagne, cottage pie maybe, to freeze in portions.  I've got lots of fish in the freezer too - smoked haddock, salmon, pollock and king prawns - so I could make some fish pies as well.  And a couple of cakes, now I know that they bake easily in the air fryer.  All things that can be frozen ready to either take to the caravan, or have as a quick ready-made meal with some frozen veg when we get back from a day at the van.

Looks like that missing woman has been found in the river, tragic for her family, whatever the circumstances of her death turn out to be.  I kept thinking about her poor dog, frantically running around loose on the riverbank, in a state of high anxiety.  Broke my heart.  I hope the dog copes alright in the future, along with the family.  I wonder how Betty would cope if I was no longer around - she is quite devoted to me, she follows me around the house and sleeps on my bed every night.  But I don't want to think about that, so let's change the subject!

I've put some more numbers in husband's phone, and done a load of updates on it for him.  Showed him how to answer a call and read a doubt I'll have to show him again in due course! 😂

Lots of Spring bulbs starting to flower in the garden now, I have narcissi, anemone blandas, grape hyacinths and even a couple of early tulips flowering.  The iris reticulata I planted last year have all thrown up quite tall leaves but no sign of any flower buds, they've all come up blind.  Any number of reasons, according to google!  (frost, planting too deep, not enough sun, insufficient nutrients in the soil eg).  Must buy a pot of hyacinths next time we go shopping, I love the smell of them indoors.  Spring is definitely my favourite time of year.

And it's already light at 7.00 am now, lovely.  I woke up just before 6 but didn't want to get out of bed this morning, I was so warm and snuggly. so laid there for half an hour reading the paper on my phone.


  1. I did a bit of washing yesterday and it wore me out! I've had "the cough" which has been waking me up every hour for the past 2 or 3 nights, so was feeling somewhat weary. Luckily, it seems to be on the way out now, so I actually got about 5 hours sleep last night. I was hoping to get a bit done in the garden, too. It was a lovely, spring-like day. Oh, well!
    Very soon, you'll be packing the car with the things for the caravan and be on your way. How exciting! xx

  2. Sometime the results of our work can seem a bit negative. I mean, it can be that there's no clutter in the corner, no clothes in the washing basket, no leftovers in the fridge. But that can be a very good thing.
    Next week, eh? How very exciting.

    Good luck with the decluttering nd the batch cooking. It sounds great! xx

  3. I've been feeling like I've been doing things but actually getting nowhere with anything all week, it's very strange.
    Nicola Bulley's dog was only on it's own for a few minutes before it was discovered and taken back to her home by the person that found it. So its worry would have been very short lived, although no doubt it has been missing her dreadfully along with the rest of her family. It has been a distressing three weeks with it being so close to us and my son working for Lancashire Police.

  4. Decluttering can sometimes feel like a thankless task can't it. I'm looking forward to hearing all about your caravan again. Not long now

  5. It sounds as if you are going to be doing some lovely cooking for the caravan or for a quick meal when you get home. Not long at all now before you can pack up and enjoy the caravan.

    God bless.


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