Monday 23 March 2020

Gardening and still fine

Well, the front garden's all done now, yesterday husband and I weeded, pruned and tidied up the two flower beds and all the pots.  We planted dahlias and gladioli, and some foxgloves that I'd bought weeks ago very cheaply, which had been sitting in their pots waiting for good weather to be planted out.  Betty enjoyed following me around, sticking her nose into everything, pulling out prunings from my garden tub as fast as I put them in, little monkey.  She does like to be into everything.  My back and hips are killing me now, but it'll wear off in a day or 2.

I mentioned yesterday that 2 of my extended family members have had the virus, my nephew and cousin's husband, both of them were cared for at home by their wives.  Nephew is 30, strong, fit and healthy and has come through it relatively easily.  Cousin's husband is a different kettle of fish, however, he's in his 50s with an underlying (although thankfully not too serious) health condition.  My cousin said he'd been very ill indeed for 3 days, she was quite worried.  On the 4th day he woke up and asked for eggs on toast, he's now on the mend although still very weak.  I haven't seen nephew or cousin and their spouses since Mum's funeral (they live some distance away) so haven't been exposed to the virus from them.

Husband and I are both still fine, neither of us is showing signs of being unwell.  Although my hayfever is in full swing (I always get it early Spring, it's even earlier than usual this year), meaning I sneeze occasionally.....that will ensure people keep their distance when we have to go to the bank this morning!  Fortunately, I don't sneeze a lot with my hayfever, it mainly gives me a terribly itchy nose and eyes.

I did a chicken, veg and rice casserole in my Multichef for dinner yesterday, it meant I could just bung everything in and forget about it whilst I was busy in the garden.  The rice was a bit too soft (even though I used brown basmati), so I know to set it for a shorter cooking period next time.  It's all still a bit experimental right now.

One of our neighbours told husband yesterday that we only need to wash our hands when we've touched people!!  Does he not watch or listen to the news?!  What about all the surfaces, door handles, cash and cash machines, goods and food products, etc etc that millions of other people have touched before him that he's now touched too?  Honestly, beggars belief.

Lovely blue sky and bright sunshine again this morning.  Stay safe everyone.


  1. Good morning Sooze. Well, it’s week 2 of splendid isolation! Usual chores to do this morning then some gardening as the weather is good even if a bit cold this morning. My Mum is now here with us so we have to be very careful if either of us need to go out at all. My husband still goes for an occasional walk as we live in a very quiet village. So far I am contact with staying around the house and garden. Madness how all he people congregated in the parks and markets this weekend. Have a nice day. X

  2. Glad to hear your nephew and cousin's husband are on the mend, and that you and Hubby are OK. Some people seem to think this is all a hoax, and they can carry on as normal! As you say, do they not watch the news? Going to make up a spray bottle of diluted bleach today and clean door handles, doorbell and anything else around the house where I think the virus might be lurking. Hoping the weather warms up so I can get a bit done in the garden. Keep yourself and everyone else safe out there folks. xxx

  3. So relieved to read that your family members are recovering and that you both remain fit and well. Long may it continue.
    Your garden will be a picture this summer, won't it? Worth the hay fever niggles.

  4. I find it amazing how some people do not understand the situation, my mad neighbour says it's all a conspiracy for big business to close down little shops, cafes and pubs, we hear her rant most mornings. I'm glad your family members are on the mend. Our garden will save me, and stop me worrying about everything.

  5. Oh my, I haven't read your blog for nine whole days! Not too sure what I have been doing with myself. It is good to know that you are both well and that your relatives have recovered. I hope you stay that way. xx


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