Thursday 5 March 2020

Rain, rain, go away (and the troll too!) *UPDATED

Well, after 2 days of lots of sunshine, albeit still pretty cold, yesterday was back to normal - it rained pretty much all day.  It just makes you feel like shouting 'oh for goodness sake, bugger off!!!'.  Well, it does me anyway.  It feels like we've been stuck indoors for weeks and weeks now and it's so damn frustrating!  Husband likes being outside doing garden jobs and helping out elderly neighbours with a bit of gardening or DIY, but he's not been able to do any of that (well, hardly anything) for ages.  He's bored stiff indoors, can't find anything to do unless I find him something, he ends up just sitting watching rubbish daytime TV....well, the TV's on (all the time!!) and he's resting his eyelids in front of it.  Or else he's under my feet in the kitchen, just mooching about and getting in my way.  I do occasionally get him to cook a meal, but he's always coming to ask me for instructions, and he makes a right mess, so I'd much rather do it myself.  He does do the hoovering sometimes....well, the middle of the floor at least, he doesn't move chairs or pick anything up off the floor.

Yesterday we changed the bed (he is helpful with that), I did a wash load which had to be dried in the tumbler.  Then I went through my chest of drawers which holds my tops and jumpers and sorted out a pile for the charity shop.  Sat in my craft room for half an hour, sorting through some bits and working out a few ideas.  Did a bit of paperwork, then got dinner organised.  Husband said he would cook it....all that means is that he fried the liver and dished up - I'd prepared and cooked all the veggies to go with it.  And that was it really.  Oh for some warm sunny proper Spring days so we can get out in the garden, and take Betty to the beach!  This winter just feels like it's dragged on forever.

Re the's not bothering me.  For some reason, it seems to be targeting one of my regular readers, making rude, stupid and juvenile remarks on this particular reader's comments.  It doesn't have a blog (of course), however, I noticed when I checked the user profile that there's an email address, which appears to give the troll's real name!  The comments it makes won't ever get published, but if it keeps on making all these silly remarks then I will publish the name.  Shows how daft it is....if you're going to make a nuisance of yourself, then it would be basic common sense to cover your tracks!  😂😂😂

*Added later to clarify...

The troll leaves comments here on my blog - but the comments aren't to me, they're made as replies to one of my regular reader's comments (who is blissfully unaware as I don't and won't ever publish them).  Catherine, no it's not a computer programme leaving the comments, I can tell you that by the very nature of the comments - they're very personal in nature, and also very bitchy and childish.  They seem to have a bee in their bonnet about this particular reader and are targeting them specifically, I have no idea why.  And that's the last I'm saying about it, not going to waste any more time on a pathetic little troll.


  1. The rain and cold just seems never ending this year. I don't have a blog, but would never leave a nasty comment. I believe if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all. In a way, I feel sorry for these blog trolls. They must have very boring, little lives, if their only pleasure is leaving stupid comments. I hope your blog-friend doesn't let it get to her/him. There are many more kind people out there than horrible ones! xx

  2. I wonder if it is a real person at all or a computer programme leaving comments? If a person then they must be really sad.
    The weather is getting to me too now and I am praying for some sun to lift everyone’s mood.

  3. I just don't see the point in leaving a less than pleasant/helpful/appreciative comment. What's the point?
    We definitely need more sunshine to go with the longer days. Soon, fingers crossed.

  4. I have decided that if I get any nasty comments I am going to leave them where they are just to show whoever it is that I am not bothered by them. They must be very unhappy people that's all I can say. Let them get on with it. Peeing down here today again, going to counteract it by going out for lunch, this will help a bit, lol

  5. It raining hard here today as it was yesterday, cold and wet, nothing worse. I do thank goodness we are not anywhere near floods, I can't imagine having your home destroyed. March is a long cold month, and it's the time we can get snow, so even if spring flowers are in full bloom everywhere, to my mind it still a cold month.

  6. So grey here today,very depressing. Spring must be round a corner somewhere surely so you can get down to Dunster beach again

  7. Finally we have had a couple of sunshine days which have made a real difference, long may it last.


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