Monday, 2 March 2020

Sunshine! And new hair/face

What a beautiful day, blue sky and lots of sunshine, very little wind (that's amazing in itself) and not freezing.  Ironically enough, a photo memory came up on my FB page this morning of 2 years ago today, deep snow!

So glad it's not like that today (although Betty absolutely loved the snow, she was playing out in it for ages and didn't want to come in).

We've been to Exeter this morning, needed to do a couple of things there.  It was a flying visit, we didn't want to take Betty into a busy city centre (not fair on her, she doesn't like crowds) and we don't like leaving her home alone for too many hours.  We used the Park & Ride and got into the city about 09.30, did what we needed to, had a coffee and popped into a couple of shops.  Got the bus back to the car for 11 am and were home by 12.15 pm.  

Whilst there I popped into Boots to the beauty counter, a novelty for me.  As I've mentioned before, I almost never wear makeup, gave up with that a few years ago.  I have been conscious lately though that my skin tone on my face is a bit patchy and uneven, I have lots of little thread veins and my skin has become quite dry, so wanted some advice about tinted moisturisers.  I also need a bit of help with my eyebrows, they're not bushy at all, never have been, but the colour of them has faded so much (with age, I presume!) that it almost looks like I have none now.  A very nice young lady (I know they're on the makeup counter, but why do they have to wear SO much makeup?  She and the others were practically caked in it, it seemed like they were wearing the entire range!) did what amounted to a mini facial on me.  She started off by applying a nice light moisturiser to the whole of my face, then tested 3 or 4 tinted ones to find the right shade for me.  She then did my whole face with it.  Same with the eyebrow pencils, tried a few to get the right shade, then demonstrated how to use it.  I bought the products she recommended.  Must say I'm very pleased with the results, and even husband commented favourably (gold star for him).

I suppose the reason I'm more conscious of my face now is that I've coloured my hair again, this time with a silver one (the one I wanted in the first place).  At first it came out quite significantly blue - I was horrified....I know I've had blue highlights in the past, well electric blue highlights are fine, an all over old lady blue rinse is not!  I washed it 3 times over the next 2 days (with a dandruff shampoo, renowned for toning down colour) and it's now the exact shade of silver on the dye box, and the colour I wanted.  The only thing is, I'm not sure if I want to keep it.....I do like the colour, I like it a lot actually, just not too sure if I like it on me!

It's actually a much brighter silver in real life, the colour looks a bit washed out in the photo.  I think I'll live with it and ponder on it for a couple of weeks, before making up my mind whether to keep it or go back to my normal light honey blonde.


  1. You look beautiful and love the hair. Mine is brown and gray. Not a good combination.

  2. Echoing the above - looks good. I gave up using makeup years ago too. I just use baby lotion on my face if it feels dry! xx

  3. Your picture makes me smile. You've got a lovely face, and the hair suits you.

  4. You have a lovely face and really kind eyes. Hope you're managing to sleep better.

  5. You look fantastic! You really do. I love the hair and that colour suits it so very well. Such a super photo.

  6. What a lovely face, brightened my day with that lovely good morning smile! The hair style really suits you.

  7. Lovely
    Looks so good

  8. A lovely picture of a lovely person. You look gorgeous! XOXO

  9. The colour looks great on you. It’s quite intimidating getting help with makeup in stores, isn’t it? I use a tinted moisturiser to help even out my complexion, a touch of blusher (especially in winter), lipstick and mascara. My eyes disappear without mascara although it’s like searching for the Holy Grail to find one that doesn’t rum or give me panda eyes.


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