Wednesday, 11 March 2020

Waste of time

Well that was a waste of time and fuel.  Dentist appointment today, my dentist isn't exactly local - I did a lot of research before choosing this surgery, as I'm very nervous about going, having had a dental phobia for years.  The one I chose is a small friendly practice and my dentist is very compassionate and kind.  It does take 35 minutes to get there though, over 40 mins today because of roadworks and a diversion.  Still got there 5 mins early, 10 mins later the receptionist said Emma (my dentist) was running a bit late and was I alright to wait?  I said as long as it wasn't too long.  

30 mins later, with no further update forthcoming and my anxiety levels now through the roof, I spoke to the receptionist again, who apologised and said she didn't think it would be too much longer, although wasn't too sure!  I'd had enough though and left, just couldn't cope with it today.  

I'm not in any rush to make another appointment, my teeth aren't causing me any problems right now anyway and I can do without further stress, I have more than enough as it is.

Tomorrow is the 'official' interview, following on from Monday's debacle, more stress as I'm not holding out much hope of things going the way we want.  Friday I'm planning on having a day doing absolutely nothing, I'm so stressed right now it's making me unwell.


  1. Oh, dear. After getting all psyched up too. How rotten for you.
    I think Friday is a necessity, absolutely essential

  2. I'm not surprised you're p****d off. I know things happen at surgeries that can't be foreseen, but you should have been kept informed. I hope tomorrow isn't as bad as you expect. On Friday, ignore the phone, emails and everything else and just do whatever you want. Hopefully, the sun will come out and lift your mood! xx

  3. Sooze, buy a big bar of your favourite chocolate and then put your feet up. Don't look online and don't answer the phone. Spend all day doing your favourite thing or just watch TV. You really don't need any more stress.x

  4. That happened to me once. I did wonder what was happening to the previous patient though!

    Julie xxxxx

  5. I hope things are working out. I nearly missed a dental appointment the other day that had been rearranged after I forgot one. I was in a meeting when suddenly there was a reminder on my iPhone of the appointment in 10 minutes time so I had to quickly wrap up the meeting and fly down the road to Malvern ringing the dentist on the way. I was only 5 minutes late so everything was ok and fortunately no work needed so just a scale and polish. It helps thatI have rather a dishy dentist!


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