Saturday, 7 March 2020

Planted Mum today

It's not been a good morning, lots of problems rearing their head again (all to do with an ongoing situation which is taking ages to resolve) and which have had me in tears all morning.  I would have loved a hug from my Mum or my best friend (who knows all about the situation), but can't have either.  

So I did the next best thing - husband and I potted up three new plants, with Mum's ashes in the pots, to go beside the front door.  One is a Magnolia Susan (my given name, although nobody calls me that), a Lychnis Coronaria and a Hesperis Matronalis.  Unfortunately, it's a very windy day (when hasn't it been recently!) and some of Mum's ashes got blown round the garden whilst I was tipping them into the pots.  I didn't know whether to laugh or cry (I did both).  At least Mum is everywhere in my garden now.  

It's bloody horrible out there!  Bitterly cold wind and spots of rain, it just feels like Spring is never going to arrive and the ground is never going to dry up.  I feel sorry for the farmers round here, they're all saying they're unable to sow anything (the local farmers mainly sow crops for feeding their livestock) because the fields are so waterlogged.  And the cattle are still inside in sheds, they've not been turned out to pasture yet, which means they're having to be fed.


  1. Those pots by your door will be a lovely reminder of your Mum (not that you need anything to remind you of her). I did think yesterday that Spring was making a show, but it's gone cold again today. I hope the problems you're having to deal with are soon done and dusted. Virtual hugs coming your way. xx

  2. I am sure your mum will be sending you a hug and she will be pleased she is now potted up for you to see everyday. Very cold here too despite a little sunshine. x

  3. I think it's lovely that where ever you now sit or work in your garden that your Mum will be with you as well as part of those beautiful potted plants. You'll be able to sit and talk to her out there, knowing she's only a whisper away - take care and sending hugs xx

  4. You laughed at her blowing in your face and you cried thinking of her again.
    It will always be that way. Thank goodness you have good memories of her.

  5. So sorry that you're going through such a tough time.


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