Friday, 20 March 2020

War rations!

It's strange, I feel totally calm about all this virus stuff now.  I know if either husband or I catch the virus, the likelihood is that we could be very ill indeed with our existing health problems, husband especially so.  But what will be, will be, we'll just have to cross that bridge if we come to it.  We have no symptoms as yet....husband did have a bit of a sore throat last night and felt very achy, but the sore throat went away without actually amounting to anything and I think he's just overdone the gardening, causing the achiness.  He was loading and dragging barrowloads of bark chippings and compost for a couple of neighbours and ourselves, he seems to forget he's almost 70 with a heart condition 😒

In the meantime, I'm satisfied we have all the supplies we need for certainly the next few weeks, and have a click and collect food shop booked for a fortnight's time.  How much of that ordered shop we actually get, remains to be seen....and that's assuming we're still well enough to go and collect it.

Anything we run out of - well, we will just make do.  If our parents and grandparents could manage for months/years on war rations (2oz butter or cheese, 1 egg a week, or things like that), then I'm sure we can.  We have plenty of provisions for Betty too.....even if we didn't, back in our parents/grandparents time, dogs were fed on scraps from the table, and they seemed to survive alright, if not thrive.

But we're fortunate - as I said yesterday, we're on fixed pension incomes so will suffer no loss of income, lots of others aren't that fortunate at all and I feel very sad for them, it must be really scary.  And the prospect of having your children home from school until possibly September - well, that could be a huge problem, both for parents' sanity, finding the kids something to do for all that time when you have little or no money, and of course having to find childcare or stay at home yourselves....that's if you haven't been laid off! 

Several villages nearby are quickly arranging neighbourhood volunteer schemes to help out anyone in need, and small local shops are offering to deliver goods, the crisis does seem to be bringing out the best in people (well, most people).  

I've seen some funny cartoons, jokes etc on social media or sent to me, think I might try publishing one every time I do a blog post - we could all do with a laugh!  So here's today's one, apologies if it causes offence, it's just to raise a smile!  😁

If someone knocks on your door and says they need to feel your boobs to check for Corona virus....

Turns out it's a con.

I feel so stupid....



  1. It's strange how people are panicking (buying everything in sight) but not really taking it seriously. I've seen lots of people going in to the gym, in cafes, bars, restaurants etc. I know, in theory, as long as you keep your distance, you're ok, but I'm more bothered about having it, being asymptomatic and giving it to someone who is immune-compromised. So, apart from necessary food shopping, we're staying at home.Thanks for the joke. We all need a laugh at the moment. xx

  2. Yes I'm staying at home too.

    Love the joke!

    Julie xxxxxxx


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