Tuesday, 3 March 2020

Thank you, and are you prepared?

Thank you for all the comments on my new hair colour, and so complimentary, how lovely!  The photo didn't do it justice really, it's much more vibrant in real life.

On the subject of comments, I've been getting a lot of anonymous comments lately, and with some it's not immediately obvious whether they're genuine readers or spammers.  I've mentioned by the comments form that I won't publish anonymous comments unless they give a name.  I don't want to turn off anonymous comments altogether, some people don't have a Blogger account so have to comment anonymously.  However, I want to know who you are, or at least that you're a genuine reader.  So if you want to comment, please will you give a name at the end of your comment.  Thanks very much.

Re coronavirus.....the papers are scaremongering (dire warnings about food shortages, pics of empty shelves, and today I read in the paper that 80% of people could be infected!) and I don't believe everything I read in the paper.  We went shopping this morning and I was able to get everything I needed and didn't see any empty shelves....well, no worse than usual.  I think we all have to be sensible though - we make sure we wash our hands as soon as we get in when we've been anywhere, and try to be conscious of what we touch when we're out.  Living down here in rural Somerset though, we're pretty unlikely to come into contact with loads of infected people.  Both husband and I have compromised immune systems though, so it pays to be mindful and prudent.  We have good stores of food (including for Betty), toiletries and medicines and am sure we could survive without much of a problem if we had to self isolate for a couple of weeks.

It's been another lovely sunny day, although a bit colder than yesterday.  I really hope Spring is finally on the way.


  1. Hand washing, for me, has always been paramount. Whenever I have been outside, whatever I have been doing I wash my hands as soon as I get back indoors. You are right about the scaremongering, I do wonder if newpapers have ever reported just the news and nothing else? XOXO

  2. Sorry you've been getting some unwelcome comments. I can't understand why people bother. We're being careful too about the coronavirus. The only problem we've had is trying to buy hand sanitiser - none to be had near us. Just have to stick to good ol' soap and water! I'm now a bit more conscious of, and careful about touching door handles/hand rails etc. Kath xx

  3. Catching up........Love the way you have coloured your hair. I'm tempted to do something with mine but would be sure to regret it

  4. Hubby is on the at risk liat as is baby George, so we have enough to keep us away from the shops for 4 weeks.

  5. We feel the same way. I possibly will run the risk of infection in May when the exams start at the uni but I shall take care

  6. Just catching up and love the new you - what a beautiful smile you have. Empty shelves here no handwash to be had for miles. We have cases confirmed around us - all we can do is hope for the best. Take care. x

  7. I'll take my chances. We do use hand sanitizer when going out into crowds and shopping but as for food I'll take my chance on what's available, I won't mind making do until it's over, that's if it comes to anything, may have to eat my words, lol

  8. Just catching up, I love your hair colour and you have a lovely smile, Sooze! When I was shopping in the big Tesco on Monday, I needed some more Dove bar soap and the aisle had almost been decimated, very little soap and no hand sanitiser. Apparently people had been in, in the morning and buying boxes of the stuff. It ridiculous, especially as they’re advising soap and water is the best thing. So surely you only need one sanitiser for when you’re out and about and no access to soap and water.
    Looks like it’s back to rain here today, have a nice day. :)

  9. Maybe a wet flannel in a plastic bag would do the same job as a sanitiser.

    1. I don't think just a wet flannel would do, you would need soap too. So a soapy flannel but then you wouldn't be able to rinse.

  10. Lovely hair-beautiful eyes-you look so nice. Glad to put a face to the blog.

  11. Just doing a bit of catching up with reading blogs. Life is so busy and I’ll write a blogpost soon to explain. Anyway, I am taking the Coronavirus fairly seriously. My mother lives 150 miles away and is nearly 89. Do I leave her there where she is fairly self isolating anyway and has food delivered and no carers going in, just a weekly cleaner? Or bring her here where I can keep an eye on her but there may be more contact?
    I have checked through my cupboards and made sure I could keep us isolated for a few weeks without going out but how do I know when to start that? Quite a conundrum.
    I managed to get small sanitisers and wipes for my handbag but bought good old Wrights Coal Tar soap for the cloakroom. A real throwback to my childhood and such a reassuringly medicinal smell!


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